yellow cabinetry and grey walls
yellow cabinetry and grey walls

Yellow Kitchen Design Ideas To Brighten an Otherwise Conventional Kitchen

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Yellow is a cheerful color and can easily brighten up the whole room and the mood of any inhabitants. Are you thinking of remodeling your kitchen or is currently thinking about how you should décor your brand new kitchen? If you are in the mood for a super bold and dazzling appearance with shades of yellow. Vibrant and dynamic ambiance are what you will get out of implying high contrast in the color scheme. Find out how to make your cooking spot more cozy and inviting with these yellow kitchen design ideas.

Pair Yellow with Grey

yellow cabinetry and grey walls
yellow cabinetry and grey walls

If you are not sure which other colors can balance well in your yellow-themed kitchen then we suggest that you go with grey tones. This will create a homey atmosphere while still looks modern. It’s a versatile color palette for it can literally take on a crisp and sleek look and also take on a vintage and warm vibe. One yellow kitchen design idea paired with grey color is by going for yellow cabinetry and grey walls or dark grey countertops with pale yellow floors and you don’t need to worry for going overboard with either of this. Whatever shade you go with, be it a mute sandy tone or brighter pops of canary, it will balance well with deep charcoal or heather grey. Always remember that charcoal works well for sleeker spaces while lighter grey fits vintage themes better. Complete the look with stainless steel appliances and some white small items such as toasters or dishes. This way, the yellow will stand out and the grey will pop among the crisp neutral tone.


white island and yellow tile backsplash
white island and yellow tile backsplash

If you don’t want people’s attention to be drawn on one specific spot, leave out focal points and add a dash of yellow everywhere in the kitchen. This won’t overdo your yellow-themed kitchen. You can even have a red, yellow and white color scheme if you know just which color to put where. One way to implement this is by going for a white island and cabinets and opt for yellow tile backsplash and red chairs/stools with yellow cushions. Having yellow-glazed walls will also complement the look perfectly. Complete the style with stainless steel stove and wooden flooring. Note that, you should not cover all of your wall space with vibrant yellow. In order to make the effect of warm not too imposing and strong, combine zesty hues with white. Lemon yellow can be used for the ceiling or one accent wall and adorn it with two accessories with the same tone.

A Touch of Yellow

If you don’t want to make yellow the dominant color but still want to add a little touch of it then use this color for appliances or accessories such as tablecloths, kitchen towels, canary kettles or cushions. Opting for canary countertops with a single slab of citron yellow can enliven the room. Then, set it off with yellow refrigerators or range cookers.

Lighter Yellow for Extensive Implementation

Brighter yellow might not look good if you want to apply this color theme more extensively in the kitchen. Come down two tones from a bright banana yellow until you get lighter yellows that are almost like creams or off whites. It will works best for large kitchens. Team up yellow walls with cabinet fascias that are a tone brighter and complete the look with white window frame and countertops.

You can never go wrong with yellow kitchen design ideas as long as you do it sparingly.




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