Whirlpool side by side refrigerator
Whirlpool side by side refrigerator

Whirlpool Side by Side Refrigerator: Benefits and Constraints

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Having a side by side refrigerator offers you a lot more benefits than the traditional unit with top and bottom compartments. One obvious perk is when space is at premium in your kitchen. A side by side model requires less sweep areas for the door. If you are looking for one that offers an abundant drawer space then a Whirlpool side by side refrigerator is worth a shot!


Whirlpool Side by Side Refrigerator
Whirlpool Side by Side Refrigerator

When it comes to side by side fridge and you are looking at Whirlpool brand, you need to consider the WRS325SDHW model. This refrigerator is among the most affordable fridges while still offering most convenient features that are normally only present in those high- end units. We’ll elaborate why this could be a smart choice for you, especially if you like to keep your food organised!

Let’s start out with the fact that this Whirlpool side by side refrigerator has ample storage space. This unit contains a lot of indoor storage. It has three drawers and four shelves. This includes a humidity-controlled crisper drawer which is useful to keep veggies and fruits fresh along with a deli and snack drawer. The latter is a bonus point because even a top-notch brand like Samsung sometimes still lacks this feature. For chefs, all these shelves and drawers will benefit them greatly because they can store all kinds of spices, accoutrements, dressings, sauces and condiments.

This unit also features four adjustable door bins as well as a designated dairy compartment, which can keep items like butter and cheese separated from other food whose smells can spoil the taste of dairy items. The door bins can be adjusted so you can customise the space the way you like and need it. Add to that there is also a specific rack to store cans as well.

When it comes to the freezer compartment, it has three shelves, three door bin and two drawers. The water dispenser and ice maker are situated in the freezer-side door. You’ll love the varied freezer space of this unit because it means you can store a vast array of food.

Upon purchasing this unit, you will receive the standard one year warranty on labour and parts along with a five year warranty on the sealed system, which is the parts that work to keep the unit cool.


Whirlpool side by side refrigerator
Whirlpool side by side refrigerator

If you are environmentally conscious, you ought to know that this is not Energy Star qualified. Moreover, it has a modest capacity as well. However, it also makes good use of space and the fact that it has a lot of shelves and drawers in both the freezer and refrigerator compartments makes up the modest bit. Moreover, given its size, it will use more energy and cost to run per cubic foot, but this should not quickly sway you from dismissing it from your recommendation list. It should come as no surprise because it also comes at an affordable price.

Last but not least, this Whirlpool side by side refrigerator is an ideal fridge to go with if you have a galley-style kitchen or premium space in your kitchen.

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