What to Do When Your Frigidaire Ice Maker Is not Working

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Generally speaking, refrigerator ice makers contain moving parts as well as electrical components which make them basically just another plumbing fixture. So, when there is a malfunction occurs, the core problems can be traced all the way down to the water supply. We all know ice makers are very useful when they are working and it can be downright irritating when they are not working properly. Having your Frigidaire ice maker not working is bothersome. So, read this guide to find out how to get it fixed!

The Feeler Arm

 Frigidaire Ice Maker
Frigidaire Ice Maker

Many contemporary refrigerator models come with automatic ice cream makers, not the least of which Frigidaire. When you have made sure that there is nothing wrong with the water pressure, first try adjusting the feeler arm to resolve your Frigidaire ice maker not working issue. You might want to adjust the feeler arm. It functions like a float in a toilet. It will shut off the ice maker once the tray is full. This thing is practically spring loaded and would fall when the ice tray is emptied. However, it could be stuck by ice or lack of lubrication. If this is the core problem, then simply push the arm down in case it is stuck. Do this until you hear the sound of water flowing into the reservoir of the ice maker and you should be fine.

Reset Button

 Frigidaire Ice Maker reset button
Frigidaire Ice Maker reset button

The second option is to look for the reset button. You might need to remove the ice tray in order to be able to access it. Then, you can see a bright red reset button located on the bottom of the ice maker itself. Just simply press on the button in and hold it for 10 seconds. You can do it in less than 10 seconds provided:

  • There is a chime sounds inside the fridge
  • The ice maker begins to make noise and starts to operate

Once the ice maker begins to work again, it will eject whatever is on the reservoir, so replace the tray and close the fridge door in order to prevent the partially frozen water to spill onto the floor.

On and Off Switch

Make use of the on and off switch. Frigidaire has an on and off switch that you can access after removing the ice tray. You don’t even need to remove the front cover. After removing the tray, turn the switch off and proceed to unplug the fridge. Make sure to leave it unplugged for about five minutes. Then, turn the switch back on once you pug the fridge back in. By this point, the ice maker should be working perfectly.

Moreover, some Frigidaire models come with an electronic control panel which also features an on and off button for the ice maker. Should you happen to have one of these, then look for the ‘Ice Off’ button and press it for three seconds. Alternatively, push it until the LED turns red. Then, release the button and wait for five minutes before pressing it again. Once the LED turns green, you’ll have your ice maker operating again as how it’s supposed to.

There you have it folks! Hope this guide solves your Frigidaire ice maker not working conundrum.

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