porcelain Floor Tile
porcelain Floor Tile

What Is the Most Durable Floor Tile Making Your Choice

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The answer to the question “What is the most durable floor tile?” depends solely on your general requirements and preferences. For a starter, you may need durable and solid floor because you have pets or kids, and yet you want flooring that is safe and not slippery. You don’t want to have floors that are easily dented, gouged, or scratched, do you? So, what are your options?

The General Options

porcelain Floor Tile
porcelain Floor Tile

So, what is the most durable floor tile for your general option? There are some of the options:

  • The key to its strength is the woven quality that is integrated with the adhesive. The adhesive itself depends on the quantity and the quality. High quality adhesive will result in tougher floor. The more adhesive applied to the floor, the tougher it will be. The type of the bamboo itself will determine the quality of the floor. Bamboo that is harvested later with higher quality strands is better than those younger bamboos that are harvested earlier.
  • This is one of the toughest and strongest material that can work best for the floor. Natural stones have been proven to run well in the harsh weather so it is a guarantee that it will work well for your bathroom or kitchen. With the constant spill or liquid pooling, this seems like the ideal material for the floor. Natural stones have an impressive durability, almost the same like the concrete.
  • Resilient flooring. Can you imagine having a Tupperware for your floor? Well, that’s the idea of using this type of floor. It is engineered floor that is resistant to moisture 100%. This is considered one of the classic products.
  • Porcelain and ceramic. This kind of floor is water resistant and pretty durable. It is also tough and attractive in appearance. However, the floor is prone to slipping so it is not really ideal for kids or pets. If not properly installed, the floor won’t last for a long time either.

Other Types of Flooring

hardwood solid floor
hardwood solid floor

Another type of flooring is the laminate floor, which is scratch resistant. However, this floor is super sensitive to moisture. It won’t be able to last well when there is a lot of moisture and spill. But today’s laminate floor comes with more base and wear layer so it is basically sturdier and stronger.

There is also hardwood solid floor that is quite long lasting but unbelievable easily scratched. Not to mention that it is pretty expensive to install. Now, you should ask yourself about what is the most durable floor tile and find out the answer.


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