kitchen designs for small kitchens

4 Ways to Give the Looks with Kitchen Designs For Small Kitchens


Do you have a problem with the small kitchen? Here the kitchen designs for small kitchens you need to know so your kitchen will look larger.

kitchen designs for small kitchens

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Open shelves

Having covered the cabinet in a small kitchen make it denser. To make the wider space, change the cabinet to open shelves. The benefit of the open shelves is to avoid the humidity in the kitchen because a smaller kitchen tends to have a hot temperature. You can search for your pieces of equipment quickly as well.

Remember to not place the open shelves all over the places in the kitchen. Arrange the items neatly, so you won’t having a messy impression with open shelves.


Having a minibar as part of small kitchen design ideas is very effective. To have a minibar itself you don’t need a large area. A minibar can be designed sticking to the wall. At a glance, the minibar is very similar to a peninsula that also has similar functions and objectives. The mini bar kitchen design has a distinctive height with a bar stool which is also typical. You just need to hide the stool under the bars, so you can have more space in the kitchen. The bar can also become the border from the kitchen and any other space in your house.

Mirror backsplash

Mirror in the kitchen, why not? The reflective image of your kitchen in the mirror will make it big and wide. It is easy to be cleaned too. The mirror can optimize the light in the kitchen. The mirror makes your kitchen have a clean and modern look. This material often used in modern-style kitchens.

When having the mirror backsplash, considering the countertop and less decor, so you will really have a clean counter, while if your counter is full of appliances, it will double the density. Also, you may have a higher cost to have the mirror backsplash in your kitchen.

Letter U

Letter U kitchen designs for small kitchens is effective enough to be applied in a small kitchen. This type of kitchen layout makes it more efficient to prepare food and cooking. Considering the space and furniture according to cooking order, such as the fridge, the sink, the appliance, the stove, then the serving table. You don’t need to run from beginning to the end as you can pivot on one toe while swirling from the fridge to the sink and then to the stove. The design makes it easier for you to take some stuff across.

That’s four kitchen designs for small kitchens you can apply to the kitchen of yours. Remember to wash the equipment after cooking so it won’t be messy. Messy for a small kitchen is a big no!

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