Vinyl Flooring for kitchen
Vinyl Flooring for kitchen

Vinyl Flooring For Kitchen – Pros And Cons

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Vinyl Flooring for Kitchen Pros and Cons – Vinyl flooring is invented in 1930s as an impact on the architectural world after world war II. Vinyl flooring was known to be the cheapest flooring for bathrooms and kitchens. Vinyl flooring is a water-resistant. That’s why it began to be used  popularly.

Characteristics Of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring for kitchen
Vinyl Flooring for kitchen

There are two types of vinyl flooring. The first type is in the form of tiles and the second type is in the for of sheets. Vinyl flooring is also popular with the printed vinyl and the inlaid vinyl.

Vinyl flooring has positive and negative characteristics, those are:

  • Vinyl flooring has low cost and it is long lasting. It is much cheaper comparing to any other types of flooring. Considering this low cost, most people tend to use vinyl flooring for kitchen nowadays.
  • Vinyl flooring is easy to maintain. It is very easy to maintain vinyl flooring either in the installation or in the treatment.
  • Vinyl flooring is considered moisture resistant.
  • Vinyl flooring is good for kitchens.
  • Vinyl flooring is suitable for commercial buildings
  • Vinyl flooring makes you feel more comfortable.
  • A good insulation is also provided by vinyl flooring.

Pros and cons of vinyl flooring

Designed a modern flooring with new characteristics, however, there are always pros and cons over vinyl flooring for kitchen. You may refer to the following chart describing about the pros and cons:

Pros Cons
Certainly moisture resistantWater or other fluid are difficult to remove
Wearing layer for commercial gradeSharp object can puncture the floor
Include fiberglass which is reinforcedDoesn’t possess wood for lamination
Quite antistaticIs not biodegradable
Used for laminate and flat surface, cement, tile and granite 
Glue down is possibleGlue down is impossible
Natural viewNot natural view

From the pros view of point, it is explained later here, that vinyl flooring has one hundred percentages of water resistant. This is the only ideal type of flooring especially for kitchen. There is also reinforcement in the vinyl flooring due to the fiberglass and commercial grade. Vinyl flooring installation can be done on any kinds of base floor. The feature of possible glue down and the natural view of vinyl flooring make it to be the most-wanted flooring nowadays.

On the other hand, as an explanation of the cons toward vinyl flooring, other types of flooring possess difficulty to take the removal process. There is also possibility of other flooring to be punctured if there is a sharp object such as a scar will appear when a knife in the kitchen gets dropped. There is no lamination or wood feel. It isn’t also a biodegradable so it would be very difficult to recycle.


From the pros and cons, you will be able to find out which one would attract you most. I personally recommended that you choose the vinyl flooring for kitchen instead of other types of flooring. Out of the benefits you will probably get, vinyl flooring is very suitable to

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