Vintage Kitchen Interior for the Vintage Souls

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Looking for a bit of knowledge on the world of vintage kitchen interior? You would find many information surrounding vintage kitchen around there in the world, but you should not be tired of it. With the coming of age, vintage kitchen designs will also change. If you searched for vintage kitchen in the web, you would not find Stone Age kitchens or middle ages kitchens, right? If you search for vintage kitchens on the web, you would find lots of 1950’s kitchen or kitchens from golden era. It means that vintage kitchen designs are ever changing, never staying in the same era or the same form with every year.

Vintage kitchen styles: the 1930’s
Right now, the most ‘vintage’ of the vintage kitchen is the kitchen of 1930’s, kitchen styles that rose before Hitler turned into a madman.
Because the 1930’s is not an age where technology is as advanced as this moment, simplicity and conventional are the two keywords in here. Although the modern era of kitchen styles turns toward simplicity as well, there is something that make the 1930’s kitchen and the modern kitchen different. The difference can be found in how spare the distance between the furnishings. While the modern style employ colours that would make the furnishings and appliances seem distance with each other, the colours in 1930’s style kitchen would not be synergy without having the furniture positioned close to each other.
This particular design is very suburb, a mix between the more lax country kitchen with the more urban kitchen. With simple colours and simple furnishings, this kitchen is perfect for those who found enjoyment in simplicity and conventionality. The simple colours, usually consisting of colours associated with light mood, give this kitchen a feeling of simplicity without giving away to the calls of modern world.

Rusty vintage look
While we have accustomed ourselves with the clean colours of modern era, there is an alternative to those colours: the brownish, rusty colours.
Rusty colours in themselves do wonders for those looking for a vintage look in everything. Kitchen, as a part of everything, is not exempt from the rule. Apply or get yourself dark brownish, rusty coloured furniture in your kitchen if you are looking for a quick vintage getaway. This look, although perfectly applicable everywhere, suits the natural house better. Your wood-surrounded villa would do good to have something like this, as brown and green is a match made in heaven.

Full classic wooden look
If you are stuck between the two choices, here comes the third choice to make it even harder for you to make a decision.
The full classic wooden look is the most obvious alternative if you want to live in the city yet does not want to sacrifice the natural look of the kitchen. If you decide to choose this one, do not forget to pick a fair wooden colour for the kitchen counters or the rest of the furniture. The darker colour suits the rusty vintage look better, but do not be afraid to combine things if you think the kitchen lacks synergy in colour department.
I think that is a bit about vintage kitchen interior.

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