love heart decor
love heart decor

Valentine Themed Kitchen Ideas That Last All Year Round

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Want to put a little romance in your cooking space? Why not décor it with valentine theme? Adorning your kitchen with pop of colors and stuff closely associated with this particular Hallmark holiday will give a whole nice touch and add a dose of love to your kitchen especially in the dead of winter. Peep our Valentine themed kitchen ideas as your decorating option.

Wall Art

love heart decor
love heart decor

In order to achieve a certain theme in any room, paying special attention to bare walls has always worked for they are big which can easily be your focal point. Be especially careful when picking Valentine’s Day arts and decorations for this holiday is typically cliché. That being said, you should just scratch “Happy Valentine’s Day” banners, balloons and serveware off your list. Simply opt for love-themed frames and graphic art prints with hearts and loving phrases to style your kitchen. You can even leave this Valentine themed kitchen ideas up long after February 14 as long as you keep the prints simple.

Don’t Go Overboard with the Décor

As much as Valentine themed kitchen will make your cooking spot cheerful with its pops of red and hearts print, you definitely don’t want to have the all around the room. Just a touch is enough. Consider a red striped linen runner on the table and drape one or two cute Valntine’s themed towels over the gas stove or anywhere on your counter space. If you have apothecary or mason jars, fill them with red colored candy. At this point, you’ve already achieved your goal to have Valentine themed kitchen. However, you can opt for some red flowers (with or without a vase) but you can also wait for this additional décor when the actual holiday is right around the corner.

Light Fixture and Colors

ceiling lights
ceiling lights

If you want more pop of red in order to feel Valentine’s Day spirit every day, the overhead lighting in your kitchen can help you achieve that goal. There are many stunning chandeliers, over bars and ceiling lights uniquely designed in heart, floral and all those eye-catching shapes with shiny red finishing. Just an FYI though, if you want to have a modern Valentine themed kitchen you don’t always need to get red and pink decorations, replace them with black and white or metallic and you will do just fine. Sticking to a monochromatic palette with continuous pattern like zigzag running across the backsplash or counter space is totally unexpected but can definitely add personality to the kitchen.

Floral Arrangements

Of course, we can’t possibly leave this out of the conversation when discussing Valentine related subject. Roses is undeniably expensive and extremely cliché. Bypass those in lieu of a mix of your favorite flowers 9a soft pink arrangement is recommended). Peonies, carnations and gardenias create a billowy and delicate-looking arrangement. Add just a touch of greenery and complete the look with a cut-crystal or metallic vase. This bouquet can definitely serve as a centerpiece for your dinner party or place it on the kitchen counter to brighten it up and add more charm.

The best part of these Valentine themed kitchen ideas is that you will not overdo anything and you still can leave the decorations up even when it’s way past the holiday.



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