corner for dining area or shelves
corner for dining area or shelves

Top 3 Kitchen Design Tips and Handy Tricks

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Knowing some of the handy and useful kitchen design tips can help you plan and manage your kitchen. Whether you are planning a renovation or you want to build a new kitchen, just make sure that you plan everything carefully. Don’t rush things and gather as much information as possible. Home improvement is a costly project and you definitely don’t want to experience costly mistake and the consequences.

The Initial Work to Do

First thing in managing the kitchen is to plan, plan, and plan. It is easier (and cheaper) to change everything on paper rather than to do the actual work, and have to change it all. Look at examples on many kitchen design layouts and blueprints. Have a free kitchen design software. In short, feel free to make any changes as long as they are still on paper. Once the project starts, you can’t turn back.

 walkways in the kitchen
walkways in the kitchen

Here are some other kitchen design tips that may be helpful enough with your project:

  • Eliminate any wasted steps. When planning, make sure that you know where to place the items and how to prepare it. Plan the working triangle (store, prep, and clean) in the most effective manner so you don’t have to walk far away. Placing the items and the appliances are also important. For instance, if you use the coffee machine quite often, having the coffee grinder, coffee machine, and the coffee bean storage within a close proximity will help. You don’t waste steps and everything can run more effectively.
  • Plan the walkways. Kitchen traffic should be smooth and easy so make sure that you have provided enough room. Even in the small kitchen arrangement, you need to make sure that the walkways aren’t obstructed or blocked, so kitchen management is crucial. You should prepare 36 inches (at least) for the walkways. Within the cooking zone, it should be around 42 inches for one cook arrangement. If it is for two cooks, then it should be 48 inches.
  • Plan and direct traffic. You want to separate the traffic zones from the cooking zones, especially if you have kids or pets. You want to steer them out of the cooking area but you want to provide refrigerator accessible for both of you and them. It may seem complicated but once you figure the layout and your own kitchen, it should be easier.

Other Further Designs and Planning

Among the many top kitchen design tips, one is for sure: don’t place appliances on the corner. If you want to make use of the corner for dining area or shelves, be my guest. But for cabinets or appliances whose doors need to have enough swinging room, corners aren’t really friendly. Also make sure about the placement and layout. You don’t want your appliances or cabinets bang into each other when you have to open and access them altogether.

corner for dining area or shelves
corner for dining area or shelves

Don’t forget to plan the kitchen island. Do you need one? What will you do with it? How about adding storage compartment on it? Such thing requires careful planning too. One of the kitchen design tips is to make sure that it is functional before you can think about the form or style.


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