TOP 3 Interior Design TRENDS 2021
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TOP 3 Interior Design TRENDS 2021 My Favorites | Home Decor Tips & Ideas


TOP 3 Interior Design TRENDS 2021

Are you looking for ideas on the latest in interior design? Well stay with me because in this article i will reveal my three favorite design trends. I will show you ideas and give you tips on using and combine them in your projects or your own home.

If you are new here, i’m Max architect, interior and lighting designer, if you have any doubts after reading this article, don’t forget to leave your questions in a comment below also remember to smash the share button.

It is the best thing you can do to support my content. I have chosen the following three trends, because, apart from being favorites due to their aesthetic, they are also very versatile and timeless so that they can accompany you for a long time.

Are you ready for discover my three favorites? Let’s get started, my number one favorite trend is black window frames as an architect. Dark frames for doors and windows have always been my favorites because they give the interior space and the facade of the building visual wave contrast and timeless elegance doors and windows with black frames are not something new.

In fact, it is a classic element in interior design and architecture. However, it has become the top favorite choice for contemporary spaces. The frame design of windows, doors or interior partitions can vary depending on the style of the space.

You can opt for a minimalist design for a super, clean and thermal appearance. You can go for a great design for a more Scandinavian, industrial or Japanese style or customize your design for a more contemporary and relaxed appearance.

I like this strand, because, although it is a favorite now it’s a timeless design that will accompany us for a long time. This trend looks especially beautiful when it frames the outdoor view, where nature has a strong presence. It can be a garden, a green wall or a tree from the interior.

The outdoor will be the focal point, an excellent way to connect the interior with the exterior. It should be noted that, in contemporary constructions, the windows no longer have to comply with standardized dimensions. In fact, the wide openings adapted in a scale to the spaces that allow a lot of light and view to the outside are essential in contemporary rooms.

So why is this strand one of my favorite? Well, as i explained before, i love how black framed windows and doors serve to frame a portion of the outdoor, especially when it’s nature, it is a way to make the interior and exterior coaxist elegantly.

Also, Japanese architecture is, without a doubt one of my favorites and i feel, like this trend seems to be inspired by it. Japanese architecture has a very unique and abstract way of venerating mother earth and making hair part of our daily life.

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Obviously, in contemporary design, windows are interpreted due to the materials, new possibilities and conditions, but in essence it is very similar. I also love this strand when it is used to divide interior spaces. We see it a lot in bathrooms or to divide areas into spaces where an open concept plan exists. Its aesthetic is very sophisticated, versatile light and elegant.

My second favorite trend is cane webbing. Using natural materials in the interiors, for me is a must have besides providing texture and warmth. Natural materials are an excellent way of making our spaces feel more pleasant and relaxing everything that comes from nature, calms, our senses and impacts our mind positively.

Apart from being an element that elevates our interior’s, aesthetic cane webbing has been used in contemporary spaces for a short time, however, this material is a classic in the crafts of different cultures such as Latin, European and Asian countries. In fact, i received many comments of my article of the interior design trends of 2021 from people from the Philippines, India and Puerto Rico, where they told me that it is a prevalent material in their countries and culture. So why is this strand?

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One of my favorites cane webbing is a mesh made from natural fibers. It’s used in contemporary spaces is due to the exquisite contrast that its textures create with other sophisticated materials such as marble, matte black surfaces, shiny metals among others. It provides warmth due to its handmade appearance and the natural quality of its materials.

Due to its versatility. This trend is straightforward to integrate into practically any interior design style. Introducing this material into your interiors can be very easy, since there is a wide variety of items in the market, from baskets trays to cabinets at affordable prices.

Since it is a trendy element, you can easily find pieces in stores like home or better jet. Buy from artisans, if they work with this type of materials in your region, adding small pieces as an accent in contemporary spaces is ideal for including this material.

On the other hand, if you are one of those who like to invest in iconic designs, there are pieces that I’m sure you have seen before and are timeless due to their history in the design world, such as the sista shared designed by architect and furniture designer Marshall brewer, the designs of Michael Tony, are the iconic share, actually one of the favorites of the moment the capital share, designed by pier, generate by the way guys. Let me know in a comment below your opinion about cane webbing. Do you like it? It is used in your country as a common material.

I would love to read your comments about it, and my latest favorite trend is warm. Neutrals, warm colors, are gaining strength in interior design. More than ever, warm neutrals are colors with a low chromatic content that have a warm color as an undertone. These undertones can be red, orange or yellow. I actually have an article explaining how to select neutrals the right way, something very tricky in interior design. I’ll leave. You the article up here and in the description box below, because if you are in the process of painting or remodeling a space and want to choose neutral colors, this article can help you make the right decisions.

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I also have a guide where i share all my favorite neutrals with you so remember to check it out. Why are neutral colors one of my favorites, because they are perfect to complement other trends such as the use of natural and organic materials and interior design. Styles, like Japanese, where warmth and elegance are the fundamental factors the need to connect with nature the wide use of natural rustic materials, the Japanese, Huawei, Savvy, aesthetic and all inspired by nature remains a favorite in interior design.

All of these go hand in hand with the use of warm neutrals together they give life to cozy, pleasant spaces that evoke serenity, tranquility, sensations and emotions that are very necessary. In these times. You can use warm neutrals in your interiors in the following ways: one you can go for a monochromatic palette which uses the same hue with different saturation.

The monochromatic worn palette is exquisite and timeless. However, an important piece of advice, if you opt for this kind of palette, is to complement the space with tactile textures, which will give the space movement and depth or two.

You can also use warm neutrals as the primary tone and combine it with another tone to complement your space and style. Some ideas could be to use warm neutrals with other stronger tones inspired by nature, such as olive, green, urban, bronze, terracotta or peach. In fact, if you are looking for inspiration to choose your color palette, i leave you the link to my article of the five favorite colors of this year, where you will also find how to combine and use them.

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