5 Tips To Achieve A Bohemian Kitchen Style


Bohemian Kitchen Style

Tips To Achieve A Bohemian Kitchen Style

Bohemian always works well to give relaxing atmosphere. It is no exception for kitchen design as well. It will give a welcoming appearance to any guest you have. Moreover, bohemian style also has warm impression, which makes any people want to stay longer. For your inspiration, here we will share you some tips to achieve a bohemian kitchen style.

1.             Choices of color

To achieve bohemian look, you need to go with pastel color. You can combine and give your unique mix and match as well. You do not need to stick with certain rules, as bohemian character is to show one’s unique personality in mixing one thing with another. If you want to have other preference, you can also go with dark moody colors. This color will give you great offset to your furniture or appliances.

2.             Furniture and things to complete your bohemian kitchen

Kitchen is not only a room where you prepare and enjoy food. It can also be an enjoyable place for your family members to spend their time. Therefore, you can just add some seating in your kitchen. To maintain the bohemian look, consider to put armchair there. Complete it with fabric lampshade as well. To match with the color characteristic of bohemian style, it might be better to go with light blue or creams color.

Besides that, you can also put your favorite cookbooks scattered. For more detail, add a stunning look of your dining table with ornament or worktop to give laid-back style. On the floor, you can also place Persian rug, as it works well with bohemian style. Faux fur as well as woven furniture is also great things to give lovely look of your bohemian kitchen ideas.

3.             Use your favorite pattern freely

To give more bohemian style touch, you can add geometric pattern as well. One of the simplest ways is by adding patterned tiles. Surround it with bright colors to have more artsy look of your kitchen. You will have stunning result if you keep up with the combination of green, yellow, red, or even blue. Certainly, this color will show the interesting visual of your personality. It will give even better result if you put some matched accessories such as vases or wooden bowl.

4.             Give your kitchen layered look

One of the most obvious look of bohemian style is the quirkiness it has. To have it, you can simply put your accessories in patterned layer. You can have your most favorite plate in well-arranged layer on the wall. Add it with hanged plants. You can complete it with upside down plants as well to give refreshing look.

5.             Consider what things you put

For bohemian accessories, you can go with ornamental mirror. For other choices, you can also have fretwork doors as well to add the elegant look of your kitchen. For the last tips to achieve a bohemian kitchen style in this article you need to maximize the light in your bohemian kitchen, you need to place the shelves above and below the windows.

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