refrigerator defrosting
refrigerator defrosting

Three Helpful Tips How To Take Care Of My Refrigerator

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A refrigerator is one of the most used appliances in practically everybody’s kitchen along with the sink and a dishwasher. This bulky appliance may very well  be the biggest consumer of energy as well. If you are wondering if there is any way you can reduce the figure on your electricity bill the answer is yes! By doing a proper and regular fridge maintenance, not only will it reduce the energy consumption but it will also extend the life of the refrigerator as well! Read these tips on how to take care of your refrigerator below and maintain its durability!

Mind the Coils

Mind the Coils of refrigerator

The condenser coils needs to be cleaned off twice annually. They are responsible for removing heat from the fridge and freezers. If you have no idea what they look lie, they are the huge, radiator-like coils situated at the back or below the unit. Did you know it’s harder for your refrigerator to remove heat when dirt and dust cling to the coils? When this is not being taken care of for a long time, it will lead to the increasing of energy consumption. And if you don’t do cleaning on a regular basis, there will be bigger problems that ensure and thus you’ll have to deal with costly repairs. You can use a vacuum and a long-handled bristle brush to effectively clean off the coils. Some instructions on how to handle this specific part are also available on your unit owner’s manual.

Replace the Rubber Door Seal

refrigerator Rubber Door Seal
refrigerator Rubber Door Seal

The rubber door seal is the gasket that outlines the unit and the freezer doors. Many people often overlook this part but the gasket actually plays an important role for sealing out warm air. Knowing how to take care of your refrigerator includes knowing the importance of cleaning the rubber door seal periodically. You can use a universal cleaner to do it. It’s pretty common for the rubber seal to loosen, weaken and tear in a matter of a few years. When this occurs, warm air passes into the interior of the unit and even the freezer. Therefore, heat will be difficult to remove. This leads to higher bills because bigger energy keeps being consumed. Luckily, gaskets are relatively cheap and very easy to replace.

Regular Defrosting

refrigerator defrosting
refrigerator defrosting

Defrosting becomes imperative when frost has accumulated on the inside walls of your freezer to a thickness level of more than one centimetre. Unplug the unit or turn off the thermostat. The food needs to be taken out for a while as well while allowing all the frost to melt. After it has all melted completely, turn the unit back on and wait for it to reach its operating temperature before restocking the food. In case, your refrigerator comes with self-defrosting feature you don’t need to do anything because the unit heats up the cooling coils slightly every eight hours to melt any frost accumulation. You still need to clean the pan periodically to avoid bacteria growth and odours.

Lastly on this how to take care of your refrigerator tutorial, you need to clean the interior once a week using a cloth that’s dampened with warm water. Wipe down and remove spills or crumbs from walls and shelves.



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