Things To Think About When Designing A Kitchen


Things To Think About When Designing A Kitchen – Planning a new kitchen can be an exciting process, but it’s important to plan for the practical uses of your space and make sure that you have room on top as well. The layout should reflect who is using this room in their daily lives- whether they’re cooking dinner or baking cookies with friends!

We’ve written about some tips below which will help guide how much square footage each area takes up while also providing style inspiration along the way too! I hope these ideas inspire you when designing yours so let’s get started.

Designing A Kitchen

Maximizing Storage

A kitchen is where food preparation happens, and the more space you have to work within your design process the better! We’ve got some top tips for maximizing storage—ways that will help keep everything nice and tidy. Use overheads of drawers or cupboards as well if possible (they come out easily when needed), while downsizing anything not strictly necessary at all times including appliances; put knives on magnetic strips so they’re easy enough to reach during daily use without cluttering up countertop spaces like a knife block would be prone too.

The time to get creative in the kitchen is now! Little spaces are everywhere and there’s a lot you can do with them. Use some of these ideas for countertop storage, nook organization, or even as decor on your island – all while making sure that everything has its own place so nothing gets lost.

You may not realize it, but many snack foods come in big bulky and air-filled packaging. This means that you’re wasting precious shelf space by having them take up more room than their content inside! Purge your pantry items before starting this process to make sure only what’s necessary is kept for easy storage at home or work (or wherever).

Easy Flow Kitchen Design

The flow of your kitchen is key to making it a comfortable, well-organized space. Keeping plates and cutlery close by for when company comes over while also keeping pots/pans nearby will help with cooking efficiency as you’re not going back between prep areas during meal times can be hard on an Instructor’s sanity!

Kitchen Island Design

The next things to think about when designing a kitchen is a kitchen island, designing your kitchen island is essential in creating the perfect space for cooking and entertaining. Make sure you don’t get confused by its function, as it can quickly become a dumping ground of all things dirty! Consider using materials that suit each area: opt for soft textured wood or granite on one side while opting for porcelain tiles with low-traffic areas to avoid staining them so they stay clean longer if possible!


Choose Suitable Worktops

If you’re planning to install a high gloss contemporary kitchen, consider wood worktops; if your room has period detailing and is looking for an element of warmth or interest, marble could be just what it needs. However, there are other practical factors as well–think about which type will best suit the function in terms of cleaning-related tasks (glossy finishes may pose more risk).

Granite is a popular choice for worktops as it’s both durable and functional, but there are different options within this one stone. Harder granites such as black will not need sealing (although it’s recommended), while softer granite-like pink or red can perform well with just sealant if they’re cared for properly over time.

Meanwhile, marble has a natural beauty that develops its own patina from scratches if you don’t keep up on maintenance – which means pristine floors may turn into something beautiful again through proper care!

Setting The Lighting Right

A kitchen is not just about the food! It’s also an essential place to prepare and store all of your ingredients. You need plenty of light for cooking tasks like chopping, frying, or washing dishes so you’re going to be sure not to skimp out on this one when designing a space that will serve both functional needs as well aesthetic ones too.

Ambient lighting is a key component of any modern kitchen. This will be your main source for cast light—whether it’s in addition to natural sunlight or fill-in when there’s not enough from outside sources streaming through windows and around corners on the ceilings above you while cooking; ambient can provide that extra illumination needed without casting shadows anywhere else where they might get inconveniently thrown off focus by other types task lights illuminate work surfaces so we’re able safely to prepare meals with ease.

Keep Clear

When designing your kitchen, be mindful of the space requirements for both cabinet and appliance doors. You should plan ahead to ensure that they have enough clearance around their swing direction so as not to cause any interference or collisions with other open obstacles in the design layout when opened simultaneously.

Use Light Color Things

The right color can make a small kitchen look bigger. Soft, neutral shades will help you avoid the dark colors that feel cramped and emphasize any natural light to fill up more space in your homey living room extension without losing its charm through history or modernity!


Find The Best Spot

Planning a new kitchen can be exciting, but it is important to remember that you don’t have enough space for everything. Instead of using every inch of your available countertop and cabinet real estate with patterned tiles or bright colors all over the place (not only does this make them difficult to clean), pick one area in which there are many unused elements like light cabinets and counters without appliances so they stand out better against their surroundings – then compliment this focal point by adding some other details such as small mosaic tile backsplashes where less attention will be drawn due merely because these items blend right into the general decor.


To conclude the things to think about when designing a kitchen, it is important to remember that design should be fun and exciting. It can also feel like a real achievement when you think of inventive ways to create storage in the kitchen space. The heart of your home deserves this consideration so don’t worry about making mistakes or getting creative – just get started!

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