Laminate Countertop
Laminate Countertop

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Laminate Kitchen Countertop


Laminate kitchen countertop is one of the top popular kitchen countertop materials. It is made of a hard particle board with plastic laminate layer on top as the surface. The plastic laminate is fairly strong, tough, and durable. Aside from that, the laminate kitchen countertop comes in a wide variety of color, pattern, and design that make the laminate countertop more lovable. But, just like any kitchen countertop materials, laminate countertop also has its own pros and cons.

The Strength of Laminate Countertop

Laminate Countertop
Laminate Countertop

Here are some lists of why people love laminate kitchen countertop;

  1. The Price

Laminate countertop is relatively cheap compares to other countertop materials, it cost about $20-$50 / square foot. The material is being offered at an affordable price than those countertop made of granite, quartz, tile, wood, marble, etc. This is the perfect countertop choice for those with limited budget. Because of the cheapness, it is very ideal for those who wants to remodel their kitchen or enjoy a change of kitchen scenery every few years.

  1. Has Many Advantages

The laminate countertop is filled with many advantages. It is very easy to maintain and clean. A simple water and soap is enough to wipe out the dirt and bacteria. It resistance of stain and water is quite good as well since the laminate kitchen countertop is pore-less. This material is also proud of its durability that can make the countertop last for a long time.

  1. Has Wide Variety Of Choices

Laminate material comes in a wide range of options. They have different range of color, pattern, texture, and design. You can choose one that will satisfy you.

  1. Easy Installation

The countertop made from laminate material is easy to be installed. Even a newbie can easily do it following the installation guide. If you are not confident in installing one yourself, you can ask a professional and the cost is still below other materials installation.

The Weakness of Laminate Countertop

Laminate Countertop 2018
Laminate Countertop 2018

Even though laminate countertop has many plus points, it also has some minus points;

  1. Easily Damage

Laminate countertop can be easily damage. They can get scratches easily compare to other countertop surfaces. This material can’t take any heat since the heat will melt the top area, which is why you shouldn’t put a hot pan on the countertop. If you want to repair the damaged area, it won’t be easy to repair only the small area of the laminate countertop. If it comes to this, you may need to ignore the damage or replace your countertop.

  1. Can’t increase the house value when resale it

Since the price of laminate countertop is relatively cheap, you won’t get much additional value when you want to resale your house.

  1. Lack of natural beauty

Albeit the wide variety of choices, the laminate countertops can’t give you the natural beauty that only a real stone or wood can give. While laminate materials offer many beautiful color and pattern, a certain natural look can’t be create. Some people want to have that beauty that lack in laminate kitchen countertop.

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