Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator RS25J500DSR/AA
Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator RS25J500DSR/AA

The Great Things About Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator RS25J500DSR/AA

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If you are about to purchase a new refrigerator, you might want to consider choosing a model with the freezer and refrigerator compartments situated side by side instead of on top and the bottom. A side by side fridge always wins in terms of appearance. Nevertheless, you also need to take into account the level of accessibility and efficiency it offers. If Samsung is your go-to brand then check out our review of Samsung side by side refrigerator below!

Why Side by Side?

Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator RS25J500DSR/AA
Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator RS25J500DSR/AA

A side by side unit can be very handy for homeowners who have children that like to reach for drinks and snacks inside the fridge. By placing these items within easy access means you will have less time holding the door open for them. Conversely, if you have beverages and food that you would like to keep out of reach of little kids, you can simply put them on a higher shelf.

Moreover, when space is at premium in your kitchen, having doors that need less sweep area is a plus point. Then, the fact that you have the ability to get ice and water on demand without having to open the doors is probably the single most popular advantage of this style of refrigerator. Additionally, there is a significant shelf space available by having the freezer on the side. This results in easier access for everyone’s selection. You don’t need to worry about energy efficiency loss by making browsing in the freezer more pleasing because it’s more likely that any possible losses will be recovered by cutting down on discarded food caused by freezer burn and having popular items easier to find.

Why Samsung?

Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator review
Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator review

If you have not noticed already, Samsung won design awards for its side by side unit. Besides, Samsung side by side refrigerators is able to top the chart on the market because they come with the most convenience features. One of the most popular brands that has state-of-the-art features and comes at a quite affordable price is the RS25J500DSR/AA model.

This stainless steel unit has all the convenience features and storage space everyone looks for. It comes with a 24.5 cubic feet worth of storage space along with 15.7 cubic feet of fridge space as well as 8.8 cubic feet of storage for frozen food. While it may look average but it’s actually plenty of room to hold a lot of food for the entire family. The compartment has four shelves, some of which are adjustable to accommodate tall items while the others slide out so you can reach items in the back.

It features four door bins and some are even big enough to accommodate gallon-size containers. You can keep your delicate dairy foods in a special dairy compartment and separate them from pungent foods. One thing that contributes to its convenience is the quick freeze and quick freeze option. These features cause the refrigerator and the freezer compartments to drop the internal temperature automatically to chill the foods or return to the set temperature after the door has been opened. To top it off, it can also do things like firm up ice cream which has been sitting out too long.

To conclude, this Samsung side by side refrigerators is definitely worth having because it’s also Energy Star compliant which means less impact on the environment and is about 10% more energy efficient.

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