grocery list on storage cabinet
grocery list on storage cabinet

Super Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas that You Can Implement in Your House

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On the contrary to what people believe, there are actually some super clever kitchen storage ideas that you can do and implement for your personal living space. You don’t have to remodel the kitchen at all, or even do any fancy work that can hurt your wallet. With some simple ways, and a few extra spending (but not so much) for the containers, you can actually transform your kitchen into a stylish and fun room inside the house.

Some of The Creative Ideas

Ice cream container for storage
Ice cream container for storage
  • Ice cream container. Basically, all kinds of containers will do but the ice cream containers are plastic and generally thicker in quality. If you are into crafty work and project, turning these ice cream containers into storage containers can reduce the trash at home. Not to mention that you can have your own personalized containers that no one has. Who knows? Maybe you can make a business out of it. Do you have your own business where it may involve a large supply of ice cream – and its large bucket containers? You can also transform those buckets into something useful and also stylish.
  • Pizza cardboard. If you check some of the Youtube videos, you will see that the cardboard can be turned into drawers for accessories or knick-knack containers. The special thing about this pizza cardboard is the thickness. If you can transform it, you can actually make it beautiful and super stylish.
  • Ice cream sticks. This is another crafty project that you can turn into stylish container. The easiest project is small containers to accommodate small items, like jar box or a container for the condiments.

These are only several examples of the super clever kitchen storage ideas that everyone can do at home.

Other Smart Container Tips

grocery list on storage cabinet
grocery list on storage cabinet

There are also other ways for you to use the super clever kitchen storage ideas.

  • Do you have a storage cabinet? Why not adding the grocery list into the cabinet? You can paint the outside part of the cabinet with the chalkboard paint. If you want to keep it more private, you can paint it on the inside. It is just the same and yet resulting in a creative and also handy function.
  • Your dishes don’t always have to be kept by stacking them all. Sometimes, using the smallest slots can help. The slots with file-like construction can be used to store cutting board, plates, or tray. It will definitely save up space and it helps you get the item faster and easier.
  • If you often use the barbecue sticks, you can use it to keep the knives. Simply stack them together and you can easily slide the knife within the sticks.
  • Have you considered having retractable drawers? They can be handy to keep you organize the supplies – whether it is the sanitary supplies or others. A retractable rack can also be handy when you have to store the pans or other cooking utensils. It may need an extra custom work, but it doesn’t mean that it would be impossible.

It is up to you about how to manage the kitchen in the way you like it. But knowing some of these super clever kitchen storage ideas can definitely help.


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