standard kitchen counter depth

Standard Kitchen Counter Depth Ideal Size

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The house would not be complete without the kitchen, although the cooking place sometimes does not have its own place. This means that the kitchen occupies an area outside the house that is actually not addressed cooking business. Yes maybe it’s all because of limited land, so kitchen must be willing to occupy an area that is not for him. The stove seems to be a must-have cooking utensil, whether it’s a kerosene stove, a gas stove, or an electric stove. But now the gas stove is commonly used by the community. For convenience in cooking then made a special place to lay the gas stove, whether it is made permanently by using cast concrete wrapped with ceramic or can also be made using wood or other building materials. The place is also often known as a stove table with standard kitchen counter depth.

standard kitchen counter depth

Before making standard kitchen counter depth better you know how much the size of the gas stove is used, because the size of the gas stove vary though it only differs a few cm only. The average gas stove 2 stove has a height of 12 cm – 15 cm, the length is generally about 70 cm, while the width of 38 cm – 40 cm. But again, first measure the stove you use to be more accurate, because each type of gas stove can have different sizes. Then decide whether you want to make a stove for 1 stove or 2 stoves. But if there is enough space to make a stove for 2 stoves, because the stove is suitable for family kitchens.

For the width of 50 cm – 60 cm is enough while the standard kitchen counter depth please measure in accordance with the person who will use it, which is maximum waist-high only after added to the gas stove. Indeed, the height of the person’s waist must vary, so the ideal height where the gas stove when measured from the floor is 60 cm to 80 cm. Remember the height is not added to the height of the gas stove.

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