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Smart in Choosing Type of Kitchen Cabinets

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Renovation does not necessarily have to do with change. With just a little creativity, undoubtedly the interior space in your dream home can be realized soon. Like for example the look of the kitchen that you feel is very boring. To make it fresh again, there are actually many easy and inexpensive ways to follow. One of them by painting a wall in the kitchen with a more attractive color. Alternatively, the kitchen needs to be stuffed with some small pots containing herbs on display by hanging or placed near a window. In addition to beautify the kitchen because of the fresh green leaves, herbs are also useful for complementary flavor of cooking. If both of you have done but the kitchen still looks monotonous, there may be one element that escaped the attention, namely the cabinet. However, choosing the type of kitchen cabinets for your kitchen is not as easy as imagined. The following material variations must be known in detail, so you will not regret it later.

type of kitchen cabinets

Wooden cabinets, in Indonesia, wood cabinets circulating in furniture outlets are generally layered veneer, while the average door material uses solid wood. By displaying a beautiful pattern of wood fiber, veneer is able to appear more natural than other materials. Interestingly, this material can be used on a wide surface, curved, twisted or for difficult corners. Wood can be regarded as the best material for this type of kitchen cabinets, because it is suitable with any condition and more durable. Especially for those who want a kitchen of classical nuances.

Eco-friendly cabinets, most type of kitchen cabinets are made of Particle Board that use Urea-Formaldehyde in the process of manufacture. This is one example of resin that was very dangerous for the health of the inhabitants of the house. Its resistance to moisture, especially when combined with the heat of the cooking activity, can trigger a backlash and release an imperfect monomer. It is this monomer that spreads toxins, potentially causing cancer for family members. Therefore, we recommend considering the use of environmentally friendly cabinets for your kitchen. For example, easily renewable recycled materials such as bamboo.

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