kitchen storage with stairs
kitchen storage with stairs

Small Kitchen Storage Tips And Ideas You Need To Try


Small kitchen storage ideas can be the ideal choice when you want to create a bigger effect in the kitchen. Of course, you can create your own styles when it comes to visually expanding the room. Such as raising the ceiling or having a skylight to allow more natural lights enter the kitchen can be the solutions. But still, you need to consider the cleverest way to include smart storage options to your small kitchen.

Basic Stuffs

You need to remember that the kitchen is no longer a room for preparing the food only. The kitchen is now transformed into various functions, such as the place to entertain friends and families, the family’s gathering spot for work or entertainment, a place for a short escape, and such thing alike. That’s why it is also crucial to consider the smartest storage options so your kitchen will remain comfortable without compromising its functionality.

kitchen storage with stairs
kitchen storage with stairs

What are some of the ideas for the small kitchen storage options?

Consider having unique storage compartments – sometimes having ones that no one can guess will be fun. Try having high pantry cabinets so you don’t have to have the small and extra cabinets. Of course you need to include the stairs to reach the higher place, but make sure that the stairs can be a part of the decorative elements that will improve the look of your kitchen.

Have open shelves. In the event that your cabinets were previously coming with enclosed doors, why not removing them out? The open shelves will create an open and wide effect – and it can be a great interior decor to show off your dining ware or kitchen appliances collections.

Be smart with the room layout and arrangement. You should try consolidating the elements. For instance, it would be great if you can place the cooktop and also oven within the same area, even in the same section. Some homeowners with small kitchen build their own custom cabinets where they put the cooktop, microwave, and oven on the same cabinet. Next to it, they include the sink. Such an arrangement will remove the visual mess from having your appliances scattered here and there.

Consider sleek appliances. There are many high end and modern appliances that can be stored or tucked into the cabinets or drawers. You may want to consider those.

The Visual Aspects

Of course, the smart small kitchen storage ideas aren’t the only thing that can improve the look of the kitchen. You can always combine the ambient and also natural lighting to create a homey effect. The skylight will provide a good natural light source while greenhouse (or bay) windows will create an open feel. Don’t be discouraged to combine the natural light with task lighting so you can improve the atmosphere without compromising functions.

kitchen natural light with task lighting
kitchen natural light with task lighting

Moreover, if you are thinking about adding accessories of personal items, keep them small. Potted plants or some small hanging wall decors can spark up the place, creating a personal, intimate, and homey appearance. If you can combine them with small kitchen storage ideas, the final result will be amazing.

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