Small Kitchen Storage Organization
Small Kitchen Storage Organization

Small Kitchen Storage Organization Ideas: Some Creative Tips

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Implementing small kitchen storage organization ideas won’t only help making your kitchen look neater but also more attractive. Thanks to technology and the most current invention, there are some new items that can help you with the storage management. So, what can you do to maximize storage?

Some Great Ideas

Small Kitchen Storage Organization
Small Kitchen Storage Organization

Do you have an empty space on the wall? What about the space on the wall near the sink? Make use of any available space by having shelves. No matter what kind of shelf you use, you can use the space for hanging the kitchen items and products. Whether you use one shelf or more, it can provide a good placement. What are the other small kitchen storage organization ideas to try?

  • Add a riser inside the cabinet. A riser will separate the different items (such as the saucer and the cups, for instance) while maximizing the storage space to the highest level.
  • Add a space above the window. If you have big and wide windows, consider adding a display platform on the top area of the windows. It is unique and it maximizes storage
  • Add glass shelf to the backsplash. If you have an empty backsplash, consider adding up glass shelves. It will create an efficient saving compartment for the cups or glass.
  • Have filing organizer inside the cabinets. It allows creative and better space management inside the cabinet. You can easily slide in platters or plates or even a cutting board and you don’t have to worry about compromising the space and management.

Other Alternatives of Space Management

Small Kitchen floating shelves
Small Kitchen floating shelves

You can also consider some of these tricks and tips.

  • If you have empty space or area around the window, you can also consider having floating shelves around them. In fact, you can make use both of the sides of the windows to have a stack of those shelves. It will maximize storage in the best way.
  • If you have an open shelf, make use of baskets. These baskets will provide a more stylish look and it also helps with the clutter. The most common one is the woven baskets although you are free to choose any container you want.
  • Make use of the space behind the door. You can use caddies or hooks to make use of the empty space.
  • Consider having a pull out pantry. It saves up a lot of space and it is also stylish.

These storage ideas are handy and useful when you have small space and you also have a lot of things to store. Try these small kitchen storage organization ideas and see how it works for you.


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