Small Basement Kitchenette
Small Basement Kitchenette

Small Basement Kitchenette Preparation and Considerations

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You are probably thinking about having a small basement kitchenette where you can use for entertaining friends and guests. It is quite common for homeowners to turn their basement into a more functional room – whether it is the man-cave or the get-together spot at home. In some homes, the basement is transformed into an entertainment area with enough entertainment features, kitchen, and bathroom. Some may transform it into a bedroom and a kitchen – can you believe that?

The point is: you can transform the basement into any room that you want – as long as it can serve your needs and you know exactly what you want from the room. However, transformation requires detailed attention and careful planning. If you want to have a small kitchenette there, there are some important considerations to make.

The Planning Stage

Small Basement Kitchenette
Small Basement Kitchenette

You need to realize that any home improvement projects require careful planning – no matter how small or big the project is. This is truly crucial when you want to have a successful project. Naturally, it would be impossible for you to do the work alone – you will need to hire a contractor. Make sure to have a thorough discussion with them and be sure to choose a trusted one that understands your want and is able to deliver within (almost) the same level of perfection. After all, having a small basement kitchenette is quite costly so you don’t want to entrust it to the wrong hands.

The first thing to consider is to understand your basement state, is it unfinished or finished? If it is already finished, the project will be so much easier to run. If it is unfinished, then you still have a lot of extra things to do. Forget about setting up your kitchenette if the preparation work hasn’t been done or completed. You can choose whether to do the prep work on your own or hire – but keep in mind that hiring a service will cost you extra.

Other Elements to Think about

small basement kitchenette,
small basement kitchenette,

When you are thinking about building your own small basement kitchenette, here are some elements to address and ponder.

  • Ventilation. Cooking will definitely produce odors and fumes. Without well-planned ventilation, it is a guarantee that they will be trapped in the basement. After all, ventilation isn’t only crucial for comfort, but also safety. You can have a thorough discussion with the contractor about the right type of ventilation.
  • Safety. Check the local safety code and regulation, especially about basement constructions. Pay a detailed attention to the smoke alarms, escape routes, and sprinklers.
  • Size. In general, a kitchenette is smaller than the regular kitchen although there are size differences between one kitchenette to another. In general, a kitchenette consists of a small wall cabinet, a counter, and an appliance (or two, top)
  • Placement. A kitchenette generally makes uses any available space. It can be a space under the stair, the corner area, or an empty nook. Of course, if you have enough room, you can have a bigger kitchenette.

There are still other things to consider, such as appliances, storage, bar, and lighting. Be sure to manage and plan the small basement kitchenette carefully if you want to enjoy the satisfying outcome.


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