Small Basement Kitchen Cost: Preparing the Budgets

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It is a definite thing that you should also think about the small basement kitchen cost when you want to have one at home. After all, doing the construction work will definitely cost you and whether you will have to spend a fortune or just a small amount will determine on the condition of the basement, the type of kitchen you want to have, and the extra accessories.

The Planning Process

No matter what kind of style or theme for your kitchen, the planning stage is the most crucial step in the work. If you want to take a look at the successful home improvement projects, the key to their success is the thorough and detailed planning.

Small Basement Kitchen
Small Basement Kitchen

You should also look into the condition of your basement. Is it finished with clean condition? Is it unfinished with so many clutter and mess? If the latter one represents your condition, then you should have a ton of work ahead of you, and it should be done even before the construction work starts. Naturally, the latter one will cost you extra.

Basically, if you already have the plumbing and electricity, the standard cost will be around $5000 but if your basement doesn’t have all of those things, you will have to spend around $10,000, at least.

Further Planning and Small Details

smoke alarm or sprinkler kitchen
smoke alarm or sprinkler kitchen

Here are other things you need to consider which will affect the small basement kitchen cost in overall.

  • You want to know the basic rules about basement renovation and your local guide for emergency situation. If you are going to install any safety items, like smoke alarm or sprinkler, it is going to cost you extra. If you have to add an escape route, it is going to add up to your budgets.
  • One of the most important things in constructing a kitchen is the ventilation. It affects your comfort as well as safety. You want to have the proper ventilation so you can cook comfortably without having to worry that the fumes will be trapped in the kitchen.
  • Wall cabinets will work well when combined with floor cabinet. But then again, it depends on your storage needs. Are you going to use the kitchen quite often? If it is the case, you will need an extra storage because you will store some of the most basic and important stuff.


Another thing that you should consider is the lighting. You don’t want to cook in the dark, do you? Lighting fixture will definitely add up to your small basement kitchen cost plan.

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