New house kitchen ideas

3 Simply Scandinavian New House Kitchen Ideas


New house kitchen ideas

Scandinavian design style refers to the concept of design derived from some Nordic countries. The concept of the Scandinavian interior itself comes in a style that is light, bright, and also simple. This interior style is suitable for a small kitchen in the house. Here are 3 simple tips to the Scandinavian new house kitchen ideas.

New house kitchen ideas

White as basic

The characteristic of the Scandinavian interior is the dominance of white color. That is, even if you try to blend in brown or other colors, white will still be a dominating color. Nevertheless, you can still combine the white color with other colors to grab the attention. Color options such as blue, Tosca, or lemon can be presented in wall decorations, chairs or sofas, to the lampshade.

However, white in the kitchen area combined with several natural material colors will be perfect, sleek yet alluring. It will bring the natural material such as brown color on the table and chair of wood material or silver color of the iron table with black finishing.

Add natural elements

Natural elements that will be perfect for getting the Scandinavian new house kitchen ideas are wooden materials or even iron, from the floor, fixtures, furniture, and the ceiling. For example, you can have the wooden floor or the exposed wooden ceiling, you can have the island with iron finishing in the table and the chair.

Besides the main natural element for the furniture and fixtures, the simple decor for the kitchen will be great if you add the green plant. The natural living creature will give you fresh feelings when cooking.

Optimizing the light

You can optimize the natural lighting to make it is spacier than ever. Get your open kitchen by throwing aside the blinds as the border you have to the kitchen. Add the windows or the skylight in the kitchen to get the proper circulation and get plenty of natural lighting. Add also artificial lighting when you think it still too dark for the kitchen. Remove the lighting block such a thick curtain or blind shade. Why you have to optimize the light by doing so? It is because the origin of the Scandinavian look is to maximizing the small place, so getting plenty of light is an important aspect of the design.

Even with the limited size you have in the kitchen, cooking will become so much easier when you have the Scandinavian new house kitchen ideas. The cost of kitchen remodel for Scandinavian also will be affordable if you can manage the budget well.

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