Colorful balloon Christmas decor
Colorful balloon Christmas decor

Simple Yet Festive-Fueled Christmas Themed Kitchen Ideas

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Having a Christmas themed room is one way to keep the festiveness of this holiday alive all the time. Kitchen is essentially the heart of the home and you spend a great deal of your time there whether you realize it or not. However, people often leave this room out of their rooms-to-decorate list especially during Christmas and only focus on the living room, front doors, mailboxes, tables and furnace. Kitchen should be one of must-decorate rooms so you and your family can cook, enjoy the meal and share the holiday spirit more blissfully. Take a look at our Christmas themed kitchen ideas to get yourself inspired.

Adorn Your Ceiling

Colorful balloon Christmas decor
Colorful balloon Christmas decor

Let’s start off with decorating on the space that you wouldn’t have guessed, the ceiling. Hang colorful balloons décor up there and they will especially look even more festive and bright if you hang them near or around the ceiling light. If Christmas happens to be a few weeks away when you read this article or you have a relatively small kitchen and it’s already packed then implementing this Christmas themed kitchen idea is a must since it can easily be the centerpiece in your kitchen unless you decide to bring in a Christmas tree as well. Basically any color and pattern you decide to go for will do just fine since ceilings are bright in general unless you only have under-the-cabinet light but that’s highly unlikely.

Kitchen Door Garland

Kutchen Garland
Kitchen Garland

Make the entrance to the kitchen feels cheerful by draping plastic leaves garland over it. To make it less plain, you can personalize the garland by attaching family photos all over to revive some memories or hang some Christmas ornaments and knick-knacks. Place two reindeers on both sides for additional decoration as well because nothing says Christmas quite like those animals that are closely associated with Santa. The idea of decorating garland is very versatile and can materialize in various ways depending on the color palette you pick for the entire house Christmas décor. You can either opt for the kitchen door or your cabinets. Draping a huge garland over the cabinets is noticeable and can be the centerpiece of your kitchen.

Don’t Forget the Windows

window wreath
window wreath

Your front door isn’t the only object in your house worth decorating with wreaths. Your kitchen windows can look beautiful adorned with them too and opt for multiple wreaths especially if the window is really large. As long as your window isn’t located directly above the stove, you can hang wreaths there. You can make them yourself if you feel like doing crafts but it’s recommended to get artificial wreaths instead because of the humidity and other factors in the kitchen. Hang multiple wreaths in different sizes with red ribbons. Furthermore, you can decorate the window sills with garland. This option is far simpler than kitchen door garland because it requires less effort. Decorate it with ribbons and large bows that run down provided there is no stove under it. Another option is to hang illuminating star lights because Christmas and stars are connected.

Decorating kitchen is often times difficult because of limited options compared to the rest of the house but these Christmas themed kitchen ideas sure do make everything easier!


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