kitchen wide walkways
kitchen wide walkways

5 Simple Low Budget Kitchen Design Tips With Pictures


Just because you are incorporating the simple low budget kitchen design, it doesn’t mean that your kitchen would be lousy or cheesy. On the contrary, you can actually improve the look of your kitchen without having to spend a fortune. There are some basic and simple ideas you can try for your kitchen improvement project. If you are able to do them all, you should be able to create not only functional kitchen but also a super attractive heart of the house.

Basic Facts and Tips

Not many homeowners understand that the stylish kitchen is more than just gorgeous backsplash or stunning cabinets – it is more about functionality and use, which can blend nicely with the style and design of the room. So, how do you manage the simple low budget kitchen design, anyway?

plastic containers in the kitchen
plastic containers in the kitchen
  • Improve kitchen usability and function. Close your eyes. Imagine how you are going to use the areas and where to keep all of the items (utensils and ingredients). For instance, you want to place the flatware and dishware pretty close to the dishwasher to make the unloading process easier. Or you want to keep plastic containers and wraps close to the working area for easier access. In the end, you want to have easy and also efficient management of the items as well as the space, so plan everything carefully.
Simple Low Budget Kitchen Design
Kitchen Wide Walkways
  • Provide wide walkways. Never underestimate the importance of kitchen traffic so you want to make sure that you have enough room for the walkways. The general standard for the path is around 36” wide, while the cooking zone should have at least 42” width. If you are going to include the kitchen island, don’t forget the walkways and traffic direction.
Simple Low Budget Kitchen Design
Kitchen Refrigerator
  • Traffic direction. This is super important if you have kids because you want to steer them out of the cooking area, limiting the possibilities of catching handles or causing spills. Don’t forget to plan accessible refrigerator for both people working in the kitchen as well as passersby.

Those tips are the general facts and basic that don’t require a lot of money for the management and planning. If you can pay attention to those factors, you should be good to go.

Further Considerations

Here are other tips for simple low budget kitchen design that you can try.

  • Manage the microwave or oven, especially for the height. Depending on the cook, you should set up the location as well as the heights. If you are going to include the kids into the cooking and baking, you should also consider the proper height.
  • Determine whether you will have an island and its function. Will your kitchen island be used for preparing foods only or you will use it as a place to eat too – or even a place to work or for the kids to do their homework. If your kitchen island will have more than one function, it is safe to have a safe separator so you can prepare the food without having to worry about anything.

There are still more tips about managing and planning the kitchen, but you can explore more about these simple low budget kitchen design so you won’t have to spend a fortune for your kitchen project.



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