Simple Kitchen for Simple Living: 3 Basic Kitchen Interior Designs


Simple Kitchen for Simple Living 3 Basic Kitchen Interior Designs kitchen set metal kitchen chair metal stainless knife

If you are looking to change the whole layout of your kitchen, why not read this article about 3 basic kitchen interior designs? There goes a time when you are tired of the old kitchen and just want to change the layout to spice it up a bit. There as well goes a time when you are confused about what designs to choose and what designs are available for your kitchen. If you are confused about them, then you are fortunate to have stumbled upon this article because this is what this article is going to talk about: designs.

But the designs I listed here is of course not designs that would shock any fabled interior designers. No, my friend, the designs I listed are simple yet practical. I am not that in about complex designs, but practical ones? Those are what we should strive to achieve in life. Practicality is everything in kitchen designs. There is no point in having a nicely designed kitchen that will give you a hard time going from one spot to another after all.
Without further ado, let us start with the simplest of them all: the one wall kitchen.

The one wall kitchen
The one wall policy can be applied to kitchen as well. This particular design is very effective for both large kitchens and kitchens of petite temperance. Why? Because you just put everything with their backs on the wall. Appliances, furnishings, all facing you with the walls on their back. Nothing is simpler than this design, so simple simplicity lovers will definitely love it. Aside from being very simple, this one is practical because there is no barrier between you and the other appliances. This comes with a catch though.
The catch is you cannot have that many furnishings for this one. The amount of counters should be limited because of one thing: the distance between things. If you are quick enough to get to one appliances from another, then be my guest. Put as many kitchen counters as you like, it will not be a problem. However, if you are a bit slow in the speed department, this particular style could make things a bit difficult to reach.

The U-kitchen
This U-kitchen is a kitchen often employed in houses where there are ample moving space inside it. See it like a corridor kitchen but with a kitchen counter sitting on the end of the spectrum, thereby creating the letter U. Get the picture?
This one layout is very popular for medium sized houses because it is efficient and is not that ‘barring’. You can move from one spot to another in a jiffy and you can reach anything because the workstation is usually not far from other kitchen parts.
You cannot fit an island in there though, so if you plan to put one, do not use this design or you will require LOTS of space.

The L-Kitchen
Just like the U-kitchen, the counters and appliances are positioned in a way that it will form the letter L. This layout is very open and is the only layout that will allow creative freedom. You want to add an island? Suit yourself. You want to omit the island so that you can move easily? Be my guest. It is the most common of them all, and many choose to use this layout for their kitchen because it is nice to look at and very effective in letting them go from one spot to another.
But unless you put the main appliances (stove and refrigerator come to mind) close to each other, you will have to do some walking. The blind spot can be very difficult to reach and clean as well, so there is that.
I think that is a taste of kitchen layouts. Although these 3 basic kitchen interior designs are simple, they are sure to help you make up your mind regarding your plan on changing the layout.

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