Retro Kitchen Design Set
Retro Kitchen Design Set

Retro Kitchen Design Set Ideas and Tips for the Design

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You don’t always have to buy the new retro kitchen design set just to make your space look like a worn out and old-school kitchen. Why not making use of your old stuff and breathe in a new set of colors or atmosphere that can transform them into something new? After all, retro style is about looking back at the past, when some of the styles are considered popular and trendy. However, you should be extra careful in managing the layout and the design. If you do it wrong, you will only wreck your kitchen instead of making it stylish and appealing.

The Retro Concept

Retro atmosphere is more than just uncommon colors and contrasting patterns. If you think having a jade green wall with checkered board black and white floor is enough, then you haven’t included enough ‘retroness’ into the kitchen. Don’t forget that you should pay attention to the accents and accessories.

Retro Kitchen Design Set
Retro Kitchen Design Set

Just because you want to transform your kitchen into a retro room, it doesn’t mean that you should 100% imitate the design and outlook from the 50s or the 60s. Sure, they may look fun with all of the contrasting colors and patterns but there is a new and modern way to incorporate the retro kitchen design set into the modern kitchen. For instance, you can pair up the shiny marble countertops with lime green cabinets – adding a red polka dot curtain will add a nice touch. Or you can have an all white kitchen with yellowish top and black edge as the accents. Add it up with cream and orange floor and retro furniture, you are good to go!

Some Handy Guidance in Retro Style

Retro white Kitchen Design Set
Retro white Kitchen Design Set

So, what should you do about the retro kitchen design set? What are the tips to manage and decorate your kitchen?

  • Don’t be afraid to use different colors. But if they can be within the same shade or hue, it would be better because it will create this balanced and harmonious feel.
  • It’s okay to have an all white kitchen, as long as you can include the vintage details – which can be visible from the choices of your dining ware and some tools around the kitchen. Incorporating old school coffee maker, kitchen radio, or teapot can really add the retro feel.
  • If you are focusing on the small accents or accessories for the retro feel, it is okay to use as many bold and bright colors as possible. For instance, colorful cups with contrasting coasters, colorful tea pot, flower vase, window pane accents, and even cooking pans will definitely create an interesting place and ambiance inside your kitchen.
  • Don’t forget to include retro elements, such as geometric pattern and tiles – they are huge for the retro atmosphere.
  • Mix and match. Do you know that you can actually combine modern and retro elements? Black and white checkered floor can be paired nicely with the modern lighting, for instance.
  • Open storage with open cabinet or shelf will be perfect for the retro kitchen.

Don’t be afraid to make experiments with the retro kitchen design set, because you never know the stylish outcome from the design.





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