skeleton Floating Kitchen island
skeleton Floating Kitchen island

4 Factors To Have A Perfect Floating Kitchen Island Shelves

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Do you perhaps think of floating kitchen island ideas at this moment? If you do, you stumble into the right place. To create the perfect floating kitchen island concept, the shelves are a proportion you can’t skip. Choosing the right shelves is a major. Although it’s only trivial for some people, having the best match will make your floating kitchen island more enchanting!

In conclusion, if you’re planning for a floating kitchen island, you should have matching floating kitchen island shelves.

Then, how should you start the matchy-matchy? If you immediately go checking the web or the stores for a choice, it’ll be like searching for a needle in a haystack. There is just plenty. Well, to sort out the majority of shelves and free you from the extra hardship, here are four factors you need to consider before buying your floating kitchen islands shelves.


Floating Kitchen Island Shelves
Floating Kitchen Island Shelves

There’s a strong assumption that you won’t just buy a shelf to put it in a storeroom and watch it wrapped in spider web. Hence, the first factor is space. You will need to put those shelves somewhere visible and accessible without ruining the picture of your lovely kitchen.

So, take a look around. Watch and see the whole proportion, is the left stuffed more than the right? After you already know how much space left, you can decide the type of shelves.

Do you want a standing one? Attached to the wall? Or other ideas? Whatever you’re going for, you should make sure you know where to put it.


Floating Kitchen island shelves
Floating Kitchen island shelves

After you get the basic idea, the second factor is tricky. You need to think about the color. It may sound easy, but a shade lighter or darker can change the whole look. Be precise with your choice of color for your floating kitchen island shelves.

If your kitchen is initially a combination of milk white and deep brown, you have to follow through. A pop of bright red will directly kill the vibe there. Thus, narrow down the color choice to the spectrum already painted in your kitchen.


Checklist on space and color? The next factor in our list is the material. Since the shelves are to support the levitation image of your kitchen, the material should be in harmony with the main attraction. What’s your kitchen island made of? Choose the same or similar material for your shelves, it’ll enhance the look and give a calm and harmonic vibe to many eyes.

skeleton Floating Kitchen island
skeleton Floating Kitchen island

Yet, if you prefer to be flamboyant or flashy, you may choose a completely different material. Even though diversity can cause a clash, it can also enrich the surroundings. Still, you need someone for a discussion to avoid the possibility of ruining your kitchen image.

Another method is mixing. Having shelves with wood for the skeleton and transparent glass for the frame, the jar of pickles will look as if it floats!


If you already scrutinize the previous three factors. It is the time to execute what kind of things you’re going to put on display. Think of a variation instead of the monotonous goods. A good vase of lavender and few books with bottles of vinegar and olive oil in the middle will beautify your kitchen.

However, if you are more into the organized stuff, it’s your call. The most important matter is to know what you’re going to put there.

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