Over The Range Microwave
Over The Range Microwave

Over The Range Microwave Reviews

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When designing a brand new kitchen or redecorating one, you need to take into account all the appliances you plan to equip it with because they all contribute to both the functionality and comfort of the kitchen. When it comes to the microwave bit, you have plenty of choices. Now, if space is at premium in your kitchen, opting for an over the range microwave is the better alternative to countertop microwave. Moreover, when installed at a height that fits you, it can very well add some style and sophistication to the kitchen. Read our over the range microwave reviews and decide for yourself!

What to Consider

Basically, all over the range microwaves you find on the market right now could be your ideal one. The thing you need to pay attention to is not the brands and the ratings, but rather the depth, height, condition and width.


Over The Range Microwave
Over The Range Microwave

Here’s our verdict as to why over the range microwave can be a good investment. The most obvious advantage of having this kind of microwave is that it lets you save space, which is an important thing for homeowners with small kitchens. It’s better to install the microwave at a suitable height instead of tucking it on the already-crowded counter.

Additionally, you need to consider the fans incorporated in the unit because it also contributes to the functionality of your kitchen big time. This particular feature functions like a range hood where it’s needed for the evacuation of steam, smoke and odor of food so kitchen will always be clean.

It’s not a complete over the range microwave review without talking about safety. Kitchen accidents often occur because children tamper with appliances when there is not any adult around. With an over the range microwave, you can borrow some sort of security when you install it at a height that is out of children’s reach. Moreover, the height of it can also help you to monitor what you have in it while cooking simultaneously.

That way, you don’t spend more energy moving from one point to another in the kitchen. There is also the size that comes in mainly larger ones that their countertop counterpart. You have more space to cook extra food at once with this provision of a bigger microwave.

All these perks have not even counted the design in. As an over the range microwave is basically a part of the cabinetry, it can make a statement and beauty to the overall design of your kitchen. Unlike a countertop model which is merely just another kitchen appliance, this particular type can improve the aesthetics of the whole room. Also, given the fact that an over the range microwave performs pretty much all the functions of a countertop model, you’ll have nothing to lose.


over the range microwave review
over the range microwave review

It might seem biased to leave out the cons, so read the following lines carefully to prevent these cons from occurring.

It might be a little difficult to cook in tall pots because you can’t exactly observe the content during cooking. Moreover, you should pay extra attention when removing the pot from inside the microwave to avoid getting your hands burnt, or worse, getting spilled over.

Another potential con is the fan. You must make sure the microwave is connected to the outside so the fans won’t just serve for recirculating the air but will also eliminate the air.

By reading the over the range microwave reviews, are you convinced that an OTR microwave is the ideal unit to go for?


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