New kitchen design ideas

4 New Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Minimalist Kitchen


New kitchen design ideas – The size of a minimalist house is very identical to the size of a small room in it. The problem is, sometimes the kitchen area is the victim by having a more minimalist size than other rooms. Finally, the kitchen room was perfunctory in design. There are currently so many new kitchen design ideas that you can follow.

Curious what are the models of the kitchen design ideas? Well, here are 4 models that you can apply to your minimalist kitchen to make it look attractive.

New kitchen design ideas

New kitchen design ideas
Minimalist Kitchen

Bar model

If you often visit the bar you will usually see models of chairs and tables in the bartender section, right? Well, this model can also later be applied in your kitchen. You can make a table with an elongated model in your kitchen, then add to the number of chairs from one to two as a compliment.

The model joins the dining area

Most kitchens will certainly be designed separately from the dining room. Of course, this is to explain the use of the room as a place to eat and a place to cook. It is also not wrong to combine these two rooms. Most of the new kitchen design ideas that exist today are very much applying this model.

Natural lighting model

You can also do the design in the form of using natural light in your kitchen later. Surely this can be the best choice if you want to avoid high electricity usage surges in your home. The use of natural light where you can take advantage of outside light, such as the sun, during the day.

You can design it by installing one or several medium and large glass in your kitchen. That way, sunlight will be able to enter and illuminate the kitchen so that it can help you move during the day and only use lights at night.

A model with an open area

One of the disadvantages of having a minimalist model house is that we have to be smart in determining a room with a very limited size. Making a barrier or partition will look unattractive because it gives a very narrow impression. Therefore, try to combine your kitchen with another room.

In this case not only combined with the dining area, but you can also use it together with the family area or corridor in your home.


In the end, each person’s tastes are different, including in designing their respective dream kitchens. So, you don’t have to follow the new kitchen design ideas. However, that does not mean you should not ignore it, you can use it as your inspiration to find a model that suits your desires later. For your own expense, usually, it will not be far from the cost of kitchen remodel.

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