Natural Kitchen Design – How to Arrange the Layout

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The natural kitchen design may be able to improve functionality around the kitchen as well as the atmosphere and style around the house. When it comes to natural theme, you don’t always have to stick to the base idea but it would be a good idea if there are some important elements and signature styles that are executed for the room. Some of the elements are pretty basic and simple, but that’s the key strength to the overall outcome.

Open and Wide

Natural Kitchen Design
Natural Kitchen Design

When we are talking about natural kitchen design, we are talking about open area and wide space – which isn’t necessarily meaning that you should always have a big and spacious kitchen. Even a small kitchen can achieve a visual open and wide effect, if you are able to do everything well. Here are some of the basic elements for the open and wide concept:

  • The kitchen has minimum partition. It uses the already available piece of furniture, such as the kitchen counter or kitchen island, to be the room divider.
  • It creates a spacious effect with less bulky items. The kitchen may have drawers with enforced surfaces instead of cabinets, if it is for the small kitchen. If you have a rather big kitchen, you can use sleek and compact cabinets which will create a stylish look for the room.
  • The kitchen has a good airflow with big windows, allowing more natural lights to come into the room. You can save up utility and electricity bills with energy saving natural features.

Natural Materials and Elements

natural kitchen design
natural kitchen design

Another thing to consider in natural kitchen design is to pay attention to the materials and elements. Brick stove or marble kitchen cabinet can be a good addition for the kitchen. Ever think about having solid marble kitchen island with wooden top, or vice versa? Stick to the natural colors without having to change a thing, and you will be able to achieve a natural look. Of course, you don’t always have to surround the kitchen with natural materials. If it is too overwhelming, you can use the wooden, stone, or earthy materials as the accents or accessories. Don’t forget that mixing and matching is also an important part of this design – so feel free to do so.

Calm and Natural Hues

When you want to decorate the kitchen with natural elements, think about the colors too. They are mostly using natural and calming tones. The basic and neutral colors will be the perfect scheme for such a natural setting. You don’t always have to use the black and white scheme – consider having a matching color, such as gray and white or gray and brown. If you can combine neutral and basic colors together, even with two or three different colors, you should be able to create attractive room without compromising the functionality and use. Natural design doesn’t use pop or bold colors, such as shocking fuchsia or bright neon purple. Just uses basic and neutral hue, if you want to create a stylish and good looking natural kitchen design.



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