mix and match kitchen organizer
mix and match kitchen organizer

Mix and Match Kitchen Organizer: Simple but Useful Tips

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Having the mix and match kitchen organizer can be fun and also challenging at the same time. In fact, the consideration about the storage, the organizer, and the overall layout of the kitchen is quite tricky. You want to have a functional and neat kitchen, and yet mixing and matching them to create a stylish look isn’t easy. So, what can you do about this area? How do you manage the overall arrangement?

Cabinetry Concerns

mix and match kitchen organizer
mix and match kitchen organizer

As one of the main and biggest storage compartments in the kitchen, managing to mix and match kitchen organizer isn’t easy. There are some things that you can do about the cabinetry alone.

  • Mixing and matching the color is possible but keep it light. It doesn’t mean that you can’t use two contrastive colors, but don’t overdo it. For instance, a dark wooden cabinet with white or light gray countertop is okay. It is still okay if you have a blue cabinet with yellow countertop, but you have to consider other color elements within the room. Having a blue cabinet with yellow mix in white kitchen is okay, but what if your kitchen is red or purple?
  • Having a cabinet with some colorful elements can be great. For instance, a white kitchen with light blue doors on the cabinets or light blue drawers can be good. In the event that you feel that your cabinet it too plain or bland, you can add some colors to the overall construction.
  • A cabinet and an open space is also a good mix. In the event that you have a small kitchen, you can consider removing the cabinet doors so it creates an open display area. If you have extra money, you can consider installing glass doors for the replacement

Storage Management

It is also a good idea to include some of the old stuff into the room management. Let’s say that you have an old portable wine tray, you can make use of it to keep some of the essentials. Let’s say that you use the upper area to keep the jars of herbs while the lower area is to keep the regular cooking utensils. By having the portable storage on wheels, you can easily move it around – which can be handy to help you prepare the meals.

mix and match kitchen organizer pics
mix and match kitchen organizer pics

There are also other mix and match kitchen organizer tips to use, such as:

  • Use the wicker baskets to have a better arrangements. If you have an open shelf or rack, these baskets will definitely improve the look of the kitchen. If you can paint the baskets, it would be even better because you can use the color code schemes.
  • Use unused jars to keep herbs, condiments, and spices. You can even include them in your art project, turning the jars into attractive and appealing pieces. Feel free to add labels, color codes, and others to make them appealing to the eyes.

There are still more tricks and tips on how to manage the kitchen and organize things. If you have a good sense of art, you should know how to mix and match kitchen organizer in the simplest way and yet yielding the highest outcome.



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