U shape Kitchen Designs

Minimalist U Shaped Kitchen Designs


Minimalist U shape Kitchen Designs for narrow space has a small kitchen space, does not mean we cannot design a beautiful and elegant kitchen. Here we show a small kitchen design minimalist charming blue U shape. A touch of dominant blue color will be able to bring an atmosphere full of softness and comfort in this tiny kitchen space. To design a kitchen space that has a small size, we need not hesitate to express. With a kitchen design that U-shape concept, this kitchen is able to provide a very slick combination. The positioning of the stove and dishwasher facing each other will make it easier for us to do two things at a time, i.e. cooking and washing dishes at a time. Small and small kitchen space also provides advantages for us that our movement activities in the kitchen is not too tired because the kitchen space is not too broad.

U shape Kitchen Designs

The U shape Kitchen Designs is only suitable for kitchens with large rooms. At least 4m x4m. Very convenient to use when cooking in large quantities and complex. This model is the most ideal form of kitchen, because each groove has its own area. In this kitchen 2 people can cook simultaneously without disturbing each other.

To maximize Minimalist U shape Kitchen Designs for narrow space, we can use the cabinet to the maximum, like the picture of the kitchen above, hanging cupboards in place almost thoroughly on each side of the wall. In order for air circulation in the kitchen well, we can leave one wall to be used as an air ventilation area that can also function as a natural light source.There are many homes or apartments with spacious kitchen areas from a landscape perspective, making designs and ideas must adapt to space.Similarly, wood gives a fresh style to the homes we love to move.

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