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Minimalist Ideas for Your Kitchen


Ideas for your kitchen – The minimalist theme is one of the famous for kitchen interior design ideas. No, it is more like, all kind of rooms in the house can be applied with the minimalist theme. So, it is not just about the kitchen, but our focus here is actually about minimalist kitchens. There are many ideas for your kitchen that can be applied. However, minimalist is the most affordable, friendly to space, and friendly for the budget. Even with a 2×3 size kitchen, it can look beautiful if you use the minimalist theme. Here are the ideas of the minimalist theme recommendation that might suit you.

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White design with natural stone

White is very related to the minimalist theme. Why? Because white is one of the neutral colors that have some kind of illusionary effect related to space. So, a white-colored kitchen is a perfect choice if you want to apply it.

For that, you can apply it with a spotless material for the kitchen appliances, especially around the parts that likely can be dirty, such as the tabletop and backsplash wall. With natural stone appliances, it will contrast and synchronize with the white set of your minimalist kitchen, which is the best combination. It will make your kitchen look alive in simpleness.

Natural touch design

Natural is not just with the natural stone, but it can be others. In this sub-heading, the natural touch ideas for your kitchen are with the color of the wood.

Applying wood texture as your kitchen’s main base with limited space is the best as long as the pattern is not heavy or too contrast. If it does, your kitchen will only feel to be full and not enough space. It is not funny if you applied the minimalist theme to feel spacious, but it feels reversed and not enough space to do anything.

Fancy black design

If white exists, then black should exist too. Black is also one of the neutral colors, which is suitable for the minimalist theme. Make sure that the black kitchen you just applied looks elegant.

You can also put some white appliances in here if you don’t very like all parts of the kitchen a bit of dark that makes you can’t see well. Ideas for your kitchen in black design can’t be fulfilled if you don’t use stainless material for your kitchen appliances. With the black color and shiny stainless, your kitchen will look fancy and elegant.


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