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4 Mediterranean New House Kitchen Designs


New house kitchen designs – The Mediterranean design type kitchen gives the impression of an energetic and warm atmosphere. Sometimes, it rich in antique texture and details in every ornament of the furniture. The kitchen uses a lot of soft yellow color combination, ivory white, tangerine and red, and sometimes blue for the calming.

A large family table should be used for family and friend gathering activities so that they must be planned with the food making process area and the seating area. In the wall area, give a touch of ancient impression by using equipment that gives antique feelings. Here are the Mediterranean new house kitchen designs you can follow.

new house kitchen designs

Give blueish looks

When you think about the Mediterranean concept, blue is like the color of it. It symbolizes the blue sea and skies on an island. Adding a blue element in the kitchen will give you peace and also calming the mood when cooking. You can add a blue pot to the kitchen plant or any kind of the elements in the kitchen.

Detail in motifs

Mediterranean new house kitchen designs are identic with detailed ornamental and motifs, somewhat like boho-style. When you want to turn your kitchen to the look, first you can change the tiles to the motifs one. Give the backsplash pattern will lighten up your mood as well. Don’t forget to change the plain ceramic base materials to the ornamental ones, some like kitchenware or even the vase.

Give ancient look

Mediterranean can be something ancient furnishing. For example, metallic pendant or knobs, hanging lamp and chandelier. It is perfect for the attentive point to the kitchen when you put it above the island. When you think about that, you will miss the big family gathering dinner in the house. Get the cost of kitchen remodel to the antique look doesn’t mean it will be expensive. Some ancient stuff from thrifting is fine as well.

Terracotta and tangerines color

When you want it a more ancient and antique Mediterranean vibe, give the terracotta and tangerine color for some of your furniture, floor, or even the exposed ceiling. For example, in the tiles or the walls. Adding pattern rugs will be fine. The terracotta and tangerine color will give a warm atmosphere in the winter season.

That’s the 4 Mediterranean new house kitchen designs you can apply to the kitchen of yours. Good luck to remodel your kitchen and get the happy mood of doing so!

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