u shaped kitchen designs

How to Maximize Your U Shaped Kitchen Designs


U shaped kitchen designs is probably the most favourite kitchen layout compared to other models. It is because this design offers so much space for cabinetry inside the kitchens. Not only this, if you have a larger space for your kitchen, but u shaped kitchen also allows you to combine it with dining areas or even kitchen island. The cost of kitchen remodel, especially if you want to change it into u shaped kitchen would be probably high. However, if you already have your kitchen with these styles, you do not have to spend too much money on making perfect your kitchen design. This article provides you with the complete information regarding maximizing your u shaped kitchen styles.

u shaped kitchen designs

Plan the layout of your kitchen

U shaped kitchen designs has many benefits and drawbacks. The advantages of having this kind of kitchen design are lots of storage and work surface. However, if you only have a smaller space of u shaped kitchen styles, it means that you only have space for one cook at a time. Therefore, after understanding the benefits and the drawbacks of this kitchen designs, you have to plan your future kitchen carefully, especially on planning the cabinetry that you want to use in your u shaped kitchen.

Usually, the cabinetry used by u shaped kitchen have the same length or sometimes vary. Thus, you can choose what cabinetry you want to utilize inside your kitchen to make use the most of it. Besides, you are recommended to add windows inside your kitchen so that it offers natural lights for your kitchen. You can try to install the windows near the kitchen sink.

Make efficient your workspace

Having a well planned u shaped kitchen styles allows you to do a limited number of steps between cabinets and appliances. It tends to make your kitchen safer during your cooking process, especially when other people are also present in the kitchen. By making efficient your workspace inside your kitchen, you also make everything’s within your reach. It makes you more comfortable to do a cleaning job at the end of your cooking journey.

Add an island

If you still have a remain larger space, you may want to add an island in your u shaped kitchen designs. But, you have to think about the size of the island that you want to install in your kitchen. Basically, the most common size for a kitchen island to be installed is 3 to 4 feet deep. Therefore, the most recommended size for your kitchen to implement the kitchen island is at least 14 feet so that the layout is still optimum in terms of clearance of the kitchen.

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