purple kitchen
purple kitchen

Managing Purple Kitchen Theme: How to Do It Properly

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Managing purple kitchen theme isn’t as hard as you think – and it is definitely not as odd as people believe. All these years, people tend to avoid using bright and bold color as purple because it is an uncommon hue. That’s why they tend to stay with neutral colors, such as white, ivory, beige, and blue. But do you know that you can make the most good-looking room within the house if you choose purple as the main hue?

Purple Kitchen and the Arrangements

The key to managing purple kitchen theme is to keep it low and focus on the simplicity. Pastel purple for the soft kitchen effect won’t be too overwhelming. Or you can create a focal point with purple equipments and utensils? Do you have more than one equipment? Consider putting them into a cluster and group them – it would create a stunning effect while still maintaining the elegance and stylish appeal.

purple kitchen
purple kitchen

You probably think that purple is an individual color that can’t be mixed with other colors, but you know what? Not only it is great when combined with pink, it is also great for blue, coffee, and beige hues. Here are some schemes of managing purple kitchen theme:

  • If you think that purple is too strong or dominating, you can paint the kitchen in white, ivory, or muted yellow and then have one wall colored in purple. Pastel purple to create a softer look while brighter purple will create a bolder effect.
  • If you can’t paint the whole kitchen in purple, why not choosing a specific spot, like the window? What about purple window pane? Or if you are daring enough, choose the purple curtains. If it is still too much, choose curtains with purple patterns and prints.
  • In a muted yellow kitchen, you can choose a purple refrigerator or a purple stove. What if you place all the purple utensils or cookware in one spot? On a specific countertop, you can place the purple coffee maker or a purple toaster next to the purple refrigerator. You have created yourself a good-looking focal point in the simplest manner.

Other Inclusion and Accessories

When you want to create a subtle effect, why not adding purple kitchen accents and accessories? Purple lights above the kitchen island can be a good addition. Purple mug collections can create an appealing effect.  Purple stools will definitely add a unique and yet fashionable touchup. Having purple artwork on the wall (in purple, of course) will improve the overall outcome of the room. But in case your kitchen is pretty small and you have to hang most of your items on the wall, consider choosing them in purple so you can finally achieve the purple theme effect.

Managing purple kitchen theme properly
Managing purple kitchen theme properly

Basically, when you have to decorate with color focus, it is important that you plan the layout and placement. Having colors is important for the layout but having too many colors will be a drag – it looks cheesy and tacky. So, are you ready for managing purple kitchen theme for your own house?



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