L Shaped Kitchen Layout
L Shaped Kitchen Layout

L Shaped Kitchen Layout Design: What Can You Do with This Style?

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L shaped kitchen layout is often the preference that people go for when they have a tiny room for a kitchen. The L shaped kitchen layout is popular for its two adjacent and perpendicular walls. You don’t have to divide the wall that connects the kitchen to the adjacent room too. You can make the legs long if necessary. L shaped kitchen layout design offers great functionality that you often get in large kitchens so we don’t see a downside of going for this design.

Why You Should Get The L Shaped Kitchen Layout

L Shaped Kitchen Layout
L Shaped Kitchen Layout

Well for starters, this layout has the ability to integrate various cooks and for homeowners who like to entertain their guests, they can invite them into the cooking area and engage them in a conversation while showing off their cooking skills. You can turn the kitchen area into a traditional eat-in kitchen by simply adding chairs and a table. This is much better than an island because you can face your guests while eating. A kitchen island only allows you to place chairs on one side so it is not exactly a great position to mingle and converse with your guests. To top it off, you have all the liberty in the world to turn the tabletop into a work surface any time you want. However you want your l shaped kitchen layout design might be, it will fit with what small space you have.

Open Space or Add an Island

Open Space L island
Open Space L island

You can have go for a simple kitchen by designing the L shaped layout facing into an open space or you can add an table or an island. If you want to install cabinets, you can install full height cabinets on one side. You can also opt to build an alcove that has pocket doors. This will give you an open plan space when you open the doors and when they are closed you will have a self-contained kitchen. There will be enough workspace when the doors are closed.

Go for Double L Shaped Kitchen

You can also get an L shaped island. In order for the island doesn’t house the original L shape of your kitchen, you should face the island into the kitchen so that it won’t make your kitchen look cramped. You can also go for a double L shaped kitchen by having another L shaped counter space or an island the same size and length like the original one. That way you will have two entrances opposite from each other.

Broken L

Broken L kitchen design
Broken L kitchen design

Don’t mistake this design for a U shaped kitchen or even a galley kitchen layout with an island. To keep the L shaped layout, the triangle part should be arranged to store runs of units opposite from each other. You have the liberty to install full height cabinets or ¾ height cabinets with this design.

Add a Peninsula Instead

Peninsula for  L kitchen design
Peninsula for L kitchen design

If you don’t want to go for an island you can install a peninsula instead. Again, don’t mistake this for a U shaped kitchen layout. It will only look like a U shaped layout if you install the peninsula right on one end of the leg. You should set aside extra space on one end and just install the peninsula in the middle. The upside of this trick is that the additional space can be used for extra work space.

We hope that this article about L shaped kitchen layout design enlightens you in some way!



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