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kitchen window

Kitchen Window Treatment Tips And Guide

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What comes to mind when you hear the term ‘kitchen window treatment’? The general term refers to the curtain and blinds, really, and how they can affect the overall look, atmosphere, and design of the kitchen. Whether you have a separated kitchen or an adjoining kitchen (meaning that the kitchen will be joining with other rooms), you should consider your options carefully and thoroughly. Don’t rush things or you will end up spending more than you should have – and you regret everything.

Some Simple Facts and Tips

Not many people know that there are some tips and basic guidance related to the decision of choosing the right blinds or curtains. For instance, there is a specific way to ‘test’ a fabric. You need to pleat it – the same thing like an accordion – on the top side of the window, and just let it freely drape. If the curtain somewhat flare like crinoline, then you should skip the fabric. It is a guarantee that it won’t fall perfectly on your window.

kitchen window
kitchen window

So, what other kitchen window treatment tips that you should know?

  • You want to use big and long sample because you won’t get the true or real drape if the fabric is too small or too short. You may want to start with around 2 yards, at least.
  • You should start with neutral hues or colors. Such colors have the bigger chances to blend nicely to the room interior decor. Such colors have fewer chances to fade quickly.
  • There are some specific fabrics that are known the best for the window treatment. If you want to get the best, choose velvet, faux silk, and linen. The faux silk is known for the most solid and durable. It doesn’t fade quickly when compared to the real silk.
  • If you want to choose curtains that can also function as perfect insulators, you may want to choose tapestry, velvet, suede, and tweed. They are rather heavy so they are perfect in blocking the light and preserving the heat in. Most hotels have been using these kinds of materials.
  • Don’t forget about interlining and lining. They can help making the curtain’s life last longer. What if you don’t do this? Well, the problem with unlined silk is that it tends to rot. If you expect full curtain with appealing body, then lining and interlining are simply a must.

Further Tips and Guidance

What other kitchen window treatment tips to know? Do you know that you can make the room somewhat taller and higher? You need to measure the window height first and then place the hanging panels high – at least higher than the frame. It will automatically create a sense of higher room. The basic guidance is to hang the curtain around 6 inches above the frame – it is the standard measurement often applied by designers. However, it is okay to go even higher when you want to achieve a more dramatic effect.

About the width, you want to add 4 inches to 8 inches so you can be sure about the shade’s fullness. Those are some interesting basic facts about the general kitchen window treatment tips and guide.


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