Kitchen Remodeling To Do List for Reselling
Kitchen Remodeling To Do List for Reselling

Kitchen Remodeling To Do List for Reselling

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Kitchen remodeling is probably one of the most common home projects that most homeowners do. After all, it is pretty common that homeowners are getting bored with the current layout or they want to expand the functionality. If you are thinking about reselling your house, your kitchen should be included in the priority list.

Do you know that a kitchen can actually break or make the sale? When you are able to deliver an attractive and upgraded kitchen, your chances to sell the house is more than 50% – in fact, the appealing kitchen can create an irresistible effect, making the potential buyers difficult to say no. Of course, the budgets for the kitchen remodeling depends on how much you are willing to spend for the work, the features you want to include, and the expectation to create a dream space.

First Things to Consider

So, what should you consider when you want to do this project? First of all, make sure to choose the popular materials that would appeal the crowds. What are the most popular materials? The stainless steel. Appliances made from stainless steel are durable and they generally come in premium quality. Don’t forget to include features, but focus on the functional ones. Such things as soft close doors and drawers or waste recycle cabinet will be likable. It would be an additional score for the buyers. But then again, keep it moderate – don’t overdo it or you may spend more than you should have.

Kitchen Remodeling To Do List for Reselling
Kitchen Remodeling To Do List for Reselling

Budget is an important element of the kitchen remodeling works. Unfortunately, many homeowners would spend more than they have intended. In most cases, they would spend an exorbitant amount of money than the real value of the house. Let’s say that your home value is $300,000 – spending $65,000 for only a kitchen project would be ridiculous. You won’t get a lot of return for your effort, anyway. If you are about to get a profitable return, spend only 6% to maximum 10% from the home value. If you spend too little, however, you may miss some of the most important features – the ones that are sought after by the potential buyers.

Careful Considerations

It is important to remember that you shouldn’t change the house’s architecture in the kitchen remodeling project – no matter how grandeur or extravagant the project is. Sure, you are thinking about reselling the house, but it doesn’t mean that you should change the structure. It is also possible to change plumbing or the basic structure inside the kitchen, but keep in mind that such a change will be costly –go back to the home value guide if you don’t want to spend excessively.

That’s why it is a wise effort to list everything and create a priority list. Check the list and match it up with your kitchen’s current condition. If you have an outdated cabinet, consider to change it. If everything is still intact and in a pristine condition, changing the hardware will be enough to transform the look.  Those are some basic guidelines about kitchen remodeling efforts and works.


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