kitchen plans and designs

Kitchen Plans and Designs: Different Kitchen Layout You Should Know


Kitchen plans and designs – Traditionally we may know the triangle workspace that becomes the most adopted design for kitchens. However, these days, kitchen plans and designs now are more variable and people can choose which one to choose for their kitchens considering factors like space and preference. Here we will find out various kitchen layouts for you to learn and bring to your house.

kitchen plans and designs

kitchen plans and designs

One-wall kitchen layout

Also called Pullman kitchen, this one-wall kitchen layout is usually found in smaller spaces like in a studio apartment. This can be the perfect kitchen layout for you who are looking for small kitchen design ideasCompared with other kitchen designs, this can be the most money-saving type of layout. This can be because the layout put all features like sink, stove, storage, and refrigerator in one compact design. Though the island is not the main element in this layout, some more modern design has made the island a part of this layout.

Galley Kitchen

The galley layout is one of the kitchen plans and designs that also can be adapted for smaller spaces. Also named a walk-through kitchen, the layout is characterized by two walls or a parallel workplace and a walkway in the middle. The layout is loved by many people as it makes the best of every space and maximizes work efficiency.

L-shape Kitchen

This L-shape design is such a problem solver for corners. Characterized by countertops on two perpendicular walls, this type of layout will allow you to eliminate traffic. L-shape kitchen is good for small to medium size space, but not recommended for the larger space. If you can add an island to the kitchen layout or the kitchen with multiple cooks, this design is not for you.

Horseshoe Kitchen

Also known as U-shape layout this design has three walls for the cabinets as well as the appliances. The more modern version of this payout has shifted with the island as the third wall. Horseshoe kitchen allows more cooks working in the space since it allows workflow and traffic flow.

Kitchen with island

The kitchen island is multifunctional, it can be additional work and it can make additional storage. Island can make a place to eat completed with tools, to store beverages as well as to prepare food.

Peninsula Kitchen

The last layout of kitchen plans and designs is the peninsula kitchen. Peninsula kitchen has a connected island that functions like islands but with more clearance for the kitchen that does not have full space for a perfect square island.

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