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Kitchen Knife Basic Info and Facts

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Kitchen knife can play a huge role in kitchen operation and use, but not many homeowners realize this. A good and reliable knife should make the food preparation easier, safer, and faster. A dull knife can hamper the food preparation – and it makes everything slower. It doesn’t hurt to know some of the knife types as well as the different materials.

The Different Types

Fillet Kitchen Knife
Fillet Kitchen Knife

Here are some basic types of the kitchen knife:

  • Fillet knife. Since it is designed to fillet meat and fish, this knife is made from flexible and long blade with the curved cut edge that turns to a sharp point.
  • Cleaver, which is used for preparing joints and chopping meat. It should be strong and solid to chop the bones. It has heavy and strong blade with curved edge.
  • Cooks knife, which is used for mostly chopping and cutting tasks. This kind of knife comes in different sizes and also  blade’s deep heel that is ideal enough for slicing, dicing, and also chopping.
  • Boning knife, which is almost similar to the fillet knife only shorter and more rigid. It is designed to remove the bones from poultry and raw meat. The upturned point enables you to remove the bones in the neat manner.
  • Utility knife, which is the smaller knife as the alternative of cooks knife. This is generally used for trimming the veggies and meat.
  • Santoku knife, which is similar to the cooks knife but with longer spine. The blade is heavier. It is great for mincing, cutting, chopping, and dicing. This kind of knife usually comes with scalloped indents located on the blade so sticky food or thin sliced ingredients can be released.
  • Carving knife, which is functional to cut the roasted meats into even and thin slices. It has a pointed tip to help remove the meat from the attached bones.
  • Bread knife, which comes with scalloped edges. The edges can cut the hard crust and yet they won’t shred off the softer inner side.


The Materials

Besides the different types of kitchen knife, there are also different materials for them. Expensive knives are generally made from premium materials while the cheaper ones may be made from less reliable materials.

  • Stainless steel. This material is quite popular but it requires more sharpening routine. This material is easy to maintain and care. In general, it is quite safe for dishwasher use.
  • Carbon steel. It is considered better than the stainless steel with sharper edges for longer time. However, you can’t clean it recklessly because it needs better care. Such a material isn’t advisable for dishwasher use.
  • Ceramic. It is a long lasting material and it can be super sharp – not to mention that it is also light. Such a material won’t transfer any metal ion to the foods and it won’t corrode when making contacts with fruits’ oil or acids. However, it is prone to chipping and it can be quite expensive.
  • Damascus. This is a material with the combination of high and low carbon steels. This kind of knife generally comes with solid sturdiness and toughness, but it is also flexible. If you want a knife for both function and practicality, you should choose this material.

So, have you getting enough info about the knives? Which kitchen knife do you want to have most in the kitchen?


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