Kitchen Island and cabinet distance
Kitchen Island and cabinet distance

Kitchen Island Common Mistakes That You Can Avoid

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Most homeowners don’t bother about paying attention to the kitchen island common mistakes although they should have. Knowing some of the handy tips can help them manage the right kitchen island without compromising the function and aesthetic. The problem with the kitchen island that most homeowners want is to install one in their kitchen without considering the size of the kitchen – or whether they have the space. If you want to avoid making the same mistakes, you should read on. By doing so, you can avoid the mistakes by knowing what the experts have to say.

The Size and Space

Space and size are one of the most popular kitchen island common mistakes that most homeowners tend to make. It is quite often that homeowners would choose to have the kitchen island despite their small kitchen. Or it can be the other way around – the kitchen island is just too small for the big kitchen. Before setting one up, you need to think about the function – how do you want to use it on your daily cooking habit. Having too cramped kitchen is just as useless as having a kitchen island that is too far away. After all, you don’t want to walk to an island that is located 5 feet away from you, do you?

Kitchen Island and cabinet distance
Kitchen Island and cabinet distance

The average space between cabinets and the island is around 36 inches. If you have one cook kitchen, it should be 42 inches. If your kitchen has more (more cook, mind you), then it should be around 48 inches. Less than that would be too limited and cramped. Slightly more than that (one or two inches) is still okay, but not if you have more than one foot extra.

The Finish and Shape

It is quite common that homeowners would choose the rectangular or the square shape. It is just one of the most popular kitchen island common mistakes. In reality, the kitchen island can take a lot of creative and unique shapes – it depends on your creativity. If you can make plan of the design of the island, you can actually make it an interesting focal point in the kitchen.

Kitchen Island unique shape
Kitchen Island unique shape

For the finish, be free to use your imagination and creativity. There are so many different kinds of finish, materials, and countertop alternatives – they can create a huge difference in your kitchen design and finish. Don’t forget to plan the design, especially if you are going to make it a multifunctional island. Do you want a foldable ear for the eating area? Do you want the hidden extra drawers or cabinets? Make sure to plan it thoroughly.

The Seating Area

Most people forget that they will use the island for sitting – whether for eating, working, or simply hanging out. That’s why they forget to make the planning. If you have an island with 30 inches in height, you need to plan 18 inches for knee clearance. If the island is 36 inches tall, the clearance is 15 inches. If the island is 42 inches tall, the clearance is 12 inches. For elbow room, you need 24 inches in between the stools. If you make the island comfy, people would want to use it.

Don’t forget about the layout and the extra features, such as placing the right power outlet and such thing alike. If you know how to avoid making kitchen island common mistakes, you can improve the functionality and also the design.


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