kitchen ideas for small kitchens

The Most Brilliant Kitchen Ideas for Small Kitchens in Small Home


It can be said, the kitchen is the heart of the house. If you want to bring the kitchen to a small size, then don’t need to worry because there are many examples of kitchen ideas for small kitchens for you.

Although you intend to make a kitchen with a small size, it does not mean you have to be indifferent to how the design. The beauty, harmony, accuracy you need to consider. Well, to overcome this, the following will be given recommendations for examples of small kitchen designs for you!

kitchen ideas for small kitchens

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L-shaped small kitchen

This kitchen design has an L shape with the composition of the kitchen table on the right and the oven and small refrigerator on the front. In the kitchen, which is used as a ceramic wall, a rack is installed to place various necessary kitchen utensils. A kitchen like this only requires a very small space.

U shape wood kitchen

The next minimalist kitchen has a U-shaped kitchen arrangement. In the middle stands a two-door refrigerator to store food so it stays fresh and durable. On the left side, there is a sink and an empty table to place various objects. On the right side, there is a stove for cooking. The top is not left blank, filled with buffet.

Small kitchen with high shelves

This one of small kitchen design ideas does not take up much space but makes use of the most possible rack space. The kitchen table part is not too long and not big. On the shelf, placed some furniture such as glass and the rest are decorated with flowers which makes it look very beautiful.

Simple kitchen near the stairs

The gap near the stairs is usually the unused space. Instead of making him unemployed, why not make it a place to set up your home’s simple kitchen? This kitchen consists of a simple kitchen set of wood painted in light brown. There is a stove available as well as a front section for washing machines. This kitchen can be said to not only take place, but it is also very functional. So, this one of kitchen ideas for small kitchens is good for your minimalist home.

Classic kitchen

The next small kitchen uses a classic concept in the kitchen. In terms of color selection and motifs on the walls that will even bring you as if you were in ancient times. This minimalist kitchen utilizes hangers at the top to hang various cooking utensils that are often used. In addition to minimalism, of course, with this hanger becomes more effective.

Finally, those are a number of recommendations for examples of kitchen ideas for small kitchens that you can make a reference. Remember, the size of the house or space for a limited kitchen does not prevent you from getting the kitchen design that suits what you want.

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