wire racks for cabinet door
wire racks for cabinet door

Kitchen Hack to Optimize Spaces: Ways to Improve the Kitchen

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There are some of the easiest and also simplest kitchen hack to optimize spaces. You are probably wondering, ‘Why should I do this? I have enough room and space.’ Well, lucky you. Unfortunately, not everyone is as lucky as you because they have to deal with small kitchen and limited space. It doesn’t mean that these tips are only applicable for those with small kitchen only. Even if you have big kitchen, you can make use of these tips not only to optimize space but also to achieve more effective functionality around the kitchen.

The Cabinet Works

You have to realize that your kitchen cabinet is probably one of the most important items in the kitchen. It stores your appliances and utensils. It has countertops that can be used for platforms. It displays some of your precious items. What about adding some functions to the cabinets with some of the most creative elements?

wire racks for cabinet door
wire racks for cabinet door

So, how do you apply kitchen hack to optimize spaces for the cabinets? You can do the following tips:

  • Make use of the available space behind the door. Cabinets definitely have doors, and they are often left empty. Why not adding hooks or wire racks so they can be more useful and functional? You can also put them into category. For instance, a specific cabinet door is for the baking utensils and another cabinet door is for cleaning products (gloves, brush, etc). It will add life and function to the cabinet, for sure.
  • Transform a cabinet door into a chalkboard. Choose a particular cabinet door and paint it with the chalkboard paint. It is up to you whether you want to do it on the outside or inside part. This chalkboard can function as your to-do list or others.
  • Add compartments inside the drawers. You should be able to find smaller partitions at home improvement stores which can be placed inside the drawer for more efficient storage. It will create a better and more manageable system for the drawer so I won’t be cluttered around.

Make Use of Available Space

Some of the kitchen hack to optimize spaces include making up spaces – spaces that most homeowners forget to have. For instance, the sides of the cabinets are usually empty, so why not making the best of it? Why not having a wire rack so you can add spaces there? Why not having hooks so you can hang them? Depending on your needs and arrangements, you are free to manage them. Let’s say that hooks on one side and the racks on the other side – ideal enough for the storage purpose, right?

hook for the sides of the cabinets
hook for the sides of the cabinets

The wall has the generous platform that you need. But be sure that you do it smartly and carefully. For instance, the areas around the windows can be used for the additional floating racks or shelves. Or the area close to the countertops will be ideal for the baking utensils.

In the end, you can always make up everything around you, as long as you are creative enough and you know the potential things. The creation of kitchen hack to optimize spaces is to help you manage a better looking kitchen as well as the functional one.


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