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Top 10 Kitchen Essentials Best Kitchen Tools 2021


Top 10 Kitchen Essentials! Best Kitchen Tools 2021


Hey health nuts, welcome back to, I’m in my dining room. I guess you could say there is a table here. I love that about this new place. We actually have a place to eat, although we don’t have table chairs yet because I’m sitting on an office chair with two pillows stacked under me, because we are still on the hunt for chairs this table was a hand-me-down.

But today’s article – I am sharing my 10 kitchen essentials – that I think everyone should have in their home, specifically in their kitchen, and if you read our articles every single week, which you should subscribe, if you’re not then you’ll, know you’ll.

A lot of these items won’t be a surprise. You probably would have seen them already in my videos, but I just want to share them and talk a little bit about why I love them, how I use them and why I think they are essential for your kitchens.

So, let’s just hop right in and I will share with you guys my 10 kitchen essentials kitchen essentials.

Number uno is of course, my lemon squeezer and I feel like this is an antique. By now it’s been on the health nut channel for a while. It hasn’t broken, yet it was just a good sign, so my number one tip would would be when you’re buying these try not to get the super cheap plastic ones, because they will break the great thing about a lemon juicer or citrus juicer is that you will Get all mostly all the juice out of your lemon or fruit, whatever you’re juicing and it’s great for morning, lemon water for cooking for salad, dressings, it’s really handy to have and the best part is.

It keeps all your seeds from getting into your food, which I like you don’t have to go and fish them out later. So this is something that’s been with me for a very long time and it is my number 1 at kitchen essentials by the way. This is not in like a particular order, I’m just grabbing and going as we go along.

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My second kitchen essential would have to be my ice cream scoops, and if this was in order, they might be first they’ve also been a favorite of mine for years. I swear by them. I have them right in front of me and I have two sizes, because two is better than one and I have a little one that I use for doing like energy balls and stuff and the large one I use for pancakes. I use for scooping in muffins or cupcakes into the tin, tray they’re, just so awesome they make for whatever you’re, making all the same size and, of course, they’re good for ice cream, which duh that’s a good.

That’s a good thing too. So I just love them. They’re great and same thing when you’re buying these don’t buy the cheap ones, invest a little bit a couple more dollars and they won’t break I’ve gone through a couple different ones, but I will link the brand that I use down below as well as everything that’s Mentioned in this article I feel like these are my talking sticks so yeah. I love these they’re just they’re. Just you should get them.

If you don’t have them already kitchen essential number 3 is of course, a knife. You need knives, multiple knives, and I have a few here that I would suggest so number one I would say, have a good chef’s knife and it doesn’t have to be a super fancy expensive knife, just something that you’re gonna use for most of your cooking.

That’s comfortable, that’s a good size, because if you have those like little paring knives, if you’re Portuguese, you know what I’m talking about – and I should be talking tonight, but I swear growing up. All we had in my household was these like tiny little Portuguese wooden knives, and you would be there forever chopping up things, so, I always say, have a kind of medium size knife.

You can obviously go larger if you want, but something that’s gonna be really good for chopping up a lot of veggies meat, whatever whatever your heart, desires and then a second knife is ceramic knives. These are smaller ones. I am looking to get a larger one as well, but ceramic knives are really good because when you’re chopping up fruit it doesn’t oxidize your vegetables. So if you’re cutting an apple – and you notice, it goes Brown in a couple hours, we need to bring it to work or school.

That’s because you’ve oxidized it with metal from your knife. I mean eventually it’s gonna go Brown anyways, but it will save it and make it stay white a little bit longer. I also like using it for chopping up my lettuce and stuff, which will also kind of go Brown if you’re, storing them in the fridge. For a bit, so they just come in handy, but I would only use the ceramic knives for like softer things, because I find that they’re not as strong as say a metal knife. If you’re trying to cut it into like a butternut squash.

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I would use the stainless steel knife instead, but handy to have get yourself some good knives and learning how to sharpen them, learn how to use them properly. I’M sure you can YouTube it, but that is definitely a kitchen essential of mine. Next up, we have baking pans. Now I have a couple of different options.

One of them here is a loaf pan, and this is a very important one. If you want to make banana bread, if you want to even make a homemade ice cream, you don’t have an ice cream maker. This is really good because you can layer it in before you freeze it. What else can you do do meat loaf? Obviously, lots of different things you can do with a loaf pan and it’s one of those things once you buy it once like they’re gonna last, you forever other pans, I would suggest, are a cupcake or muffin tin, pan and, of course, just a flat baking Sheet or cookie sheet pan, because you can roast up on there, you can of course make cookies on there and those are like my top three different pans that I would suggest to have in your kitchen.

Next up, we have a silicone baking mat. Now I have a few of these in my kitchen and I love them because you, it’s obviously better for the environment you’re, not using parchment paper, all the time and they’re really easy to clean, which I love so whether you’re roasting something or baking, something when you’re Done cooking and stuff and you’re cleaning up, all you have to do is just like what give it a wipe wash it.

You can throw it in the dishwasher and you’re done and yeah we have a few of them. They blasted us a very long time. They will hold up in your oven. They will not melt because they’re silicone and they also won’t leach anything into your food because they are silicone. So it’s not like plastic and in other materials, so they’re actually safe to use with your food, and I love them and use them all the time.

They’re great for meal prep and Matt uses them all the time as well. So definitely another kitchen essential. Next up, we have measuring cups. Now, if you are looking to do any kind of baking, you have to have measuring cups. Otherwise, you are just gonna have flat cookies things that don’t rise, because baking is a science and to follow the rules when it comes to baking.

So I have a few different options here, so this first one here is a liquid measuring cup and they’re. Not the same so these ones, which I’m sure you all know these are for dry goods. These are for wet. Don’t ask me why exactly I mean, I think it measures it better, but you can see where it is when you’re pouring it in which is nice.

So as soon as it hits the mark, you know it’s good and also Chloe just made a good point, she’s put on the camera, it has been nozzles, so you can pour it really nicely. There are other reasons, I’m sure why this one is for liquids, but I really just try to measure my liquids in here and keep these ones for dry and I’m talking about these ones here. So there is a proper way to measure, and then I could do like a baking 101 video if you’d like, but when it comes to measuring flowers and stuff, you don’t want to just go in there and scoop it and pack it because you’re gonna have Too much flour, you actually want to take another spoon and fill it up and then level it out and that way it’s not completely packed in, but it’s filled that makes sense, and that is the right amount of flour.

So if you ever find like you’re baking, your, I guess, cookies or muffins, or something are a little dry, it could because you’re over packing your flour and adding too much and next of course, you’ll need some measuring spoons. These are essential for things like baking powder baking, soda, vanilla, extract sea salt, all those things that you just need a little bit of, and you can use dry and wet ingredients with these so yeah.

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Those are my measuring spoons, like I said, very important. If you want to be a master baker or if you just want to bake something simple like banana bread, you need these all right. So my next kitchen essential is a colander or a strainer or a sister.

Whatever you want to call them, there’s a few different options. I have two here so this one here you would use for, like pasta, washing stuff, it just has like the larger holes in it. So it’s really just for draining up the water and then this fine sieve sieve, there’s so many names. I don’t even know if both of those were right, but there’s a lot of names for this guy and it’s actually an awesome gadget, because if you’re ever making a one bowl banana bread, one bowl, muffins anything one bowl, you can start by adding in your wet Ingredients into one bowl and then add in all your dry here and sift them together and it will mix it as you are sifting into your bowl with the wet ingredients.

So I use that a lot in my recipes that call for one bowl processing and – and I love this guy. This is also good if you wanted to get fancy and put some like, what’s called icing sugar on your desserts, this is also great. If you didn’t have a nut milk bag for making that nut and seed milks, that is a thing nut. Milk bag – google – it you could use this because it’s pretty fine, it wouldn’t take out all the pulp out of your almonds, but it will give you a pretty good consistency for almond milk, so it comes in handy.

I use it a lot and I would recommend getting it they’re pretty inexpensive and they they help out with a lot of situations in the kitchen, my next kitchen, that tool or favorites, because it’s not really a tool, but it’s something they use all the time. Is these silicone storage bags now the best thing about these is they’re not just for storing you can cook with them. You can use them to freeze things, they just come in handy and they just came out with these really cute gemstone colors.

How cute I will link these down below as well, and I just love them so I’ve cooked chicken in here, like you, can just poach chicken put it in here, put it in some boiling water and infuse it was like lemon and herbs. I’ve done that in a video before, but mainly I use them for storing things. So when Chloe and I are filming recipes and we have like ends of bits and ends of like different kind of foods – that I don’t want to want them to go bad.

I would just store them in these silicone bags and use them later, they’re great for meal prepping they’re great for bringing like snacks with you and stuff if you’re going hiking or road tripping, whatever traveling they’re great people also even use them for packing, like their toiletries And stuff on airplanes because they do not leak.

This seal is so airtight that sometimes I have trouble opening them once I seal them see they’re great and they come in a bunch of sizes too. They have small ones, large ones, they’re, amazing. Okay, look! It’s a stack of cards, get them try them. You will forever love them. Next up we have the food processor, which is probably one of those items that you ask yourself. Do I need one?

Does a blender do the job, and my in Mayas professional, cooking experience is that they are two very different tools, although they do essentially both blend things. A food processor is amazing because it actually most of them that will have attachments. You can chop, you can grate. You can process things so something that you don’t want to actually like puree and blend, say if you’re, making energy balls or a dough or something you just want to combined it.

A food processor is amazing and I just have been using mine for a very long time. I probably need a new one, but the one I have was super cheap. I bought it years ago and it’s still holding up, so it just goes to show that you don’t have to invest a lot of money into one, and I promise it will be worth it to have to find the space in your kitchen from one, because it Truly is a essential gadget in my kitchen, so I highly recommend getting one like said: they’re very different from a blender, and I just use it, especially if I have to shred like a ton of cabbage or veggies for a salad. I just like pop everything in there and you can make a shredded salad in minutes.

It’s awesome, I love it. Try it out. Let me know what you think and then last but not least, which is probably one of my favorite items, is, of course, my Vitamix. I really should have a name for my Vitamix. What should I call him or she is this? This is a female or male, I don’t know, but but maybe it’s Vicky Vicky the Vitamix. I don’t know, comment down below and I’ll choose a name for her she’s. Is she now apparently so the Vitamix everyone’s always asking?

Should I invest in one? Is it worth it blah blah blah? Yes, yes, yes, okay, we bought ours a few years ago and it was like the best thing I ever bought. I use it every day now I will say like if you’re, not someone who makes if you, if you’re a healthy eater, you don’t make smoothies, then I don’t know a while you’re watching my channel, because I feel, like you, have to love smoothies to read my article, but no you can make other things in here.

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You can make soups you can make make frozen like ice cream, desserts and stuff. You can just it’s so powerful. It will blend frozen fruit into like a creamy ice cream. There are so many things. What can salad dressings you can just this thing will pulverize anything and anything. Everything in anything is what its gonna say.

Now this one isn’t the newest model. I will link this one down below. I love this one because it has three settings on it. You can just every morning when I make a smoothie, I set it to the liquid, like the smoothie setting, I like to call it and I just let it I set it and forget it. I walk away. I come back and there’s a perfectly blended green smoothie waiting for me on the counter, and the best thing too is that it’s a little bit more narrow at the bottom.

So it really does pulverize everything it makes for the most creamy smoothies of all time, and it’s also quite large. You can get different sizes now, but this one’s great, because you can I pack so many greens and veggies in here when I make smoothies for Matt and I and you can easily double triple a recipe and it will fit in here which I love. I even make green juice in this blender, so I’ll link that recipe down below but yeah. It’s just one of my favorite kitchen gadgets.

I know it’s an investment, but I think they have like a crazy like 7 or 10 year, warranty and yeah. I think that maybe asked for it for Christmas or for your graduation or as a housewarming gift. I don’t know this is just honestly the best thing ever and I’m so happy that I made the leap to purchase it or convince Matt that we needed it. But honestly, like he loves it too, and I highly recommend getting a high speed.

Blender your smoothies will be forever delicious and you will always want to drink your greens so yeah. I love. I love my Vitamix. If you can tell alright guys there, you have it. Those are my 10 kitchen essentials that I think everyone should have in their kitchen right now. I will link all the products that I mentioned in this video down below in the info box, for you guys to easily check them out and purchase them. If you want to but yeah, these are just things that have made my life in the kitchen much easier.

Since I spend a lot of my time there testing out recipes for you guys creating things, and I just love all these products. They’ve all been very and used in the HealthNet kitchen, which is why they’re in this article, but as I mentioned in the beginning, I would love to know what is one of your kitchen, essential items that maybe I did not mention in this article leave me a Comment down below that will be like our question of the day today and be sure to give this article a thumbs up.

So there’s lots more content coming your way, and I hope you guys have a fabulous day I’ll talk to you guys soon. Bye


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