no Enough Counter Space
no Enough Counter Space

Kitchen Design Mistakes To Avoid

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When homeowners are planning a new kitchen or a kitchen remodel work, they unconsciously make some of these basic kitchen design mistakes that can affect the functionality of the kitchen in the future. If you know these mistakes beforehand, it will prevent you from making the similar errors. So, what are they? And how do you solve those issues?

Not Having Enough Counter Space

This is one of the most common mistakes happening to most homeowners. You see, most people forget that they use the countertops for preparing the foods as well as storing some big appliances (such as toasters, coffee machines, etc. As the result, they may create too narrow counter space which isn’t highly functional.

no  Enough Counter Space
No Enough Counter Space

There are some solutions for this problem. First of all, you can plan ahead of what appliances you are going to place on the countertops. In this way, you know how much space needed for the general activities. Another alternative is to add a breakfast bar or a kitchen island, especially if you have the L-shaped room. Mind you, though, that adding the kitchen island isn’t possible if you have small kitchen.

Poor Lighting

You need to have a proper lighting in the kitchen – there is no doubt about it. Having the proper lighting fixture installation isn’t only safe, but it will also affect the overall design and also atmosphere of the kitchen. You don’t want to make mistakes when holding the sharp knife or dealing with the blender.

kitchen poor lighting
kitchen poor lighting

In the most common kitchen design mistakes, most homeowners don’t really know that the kitchen needs 3 different lighting types. The first one is the general light for the entire illumination. The second one is the accent lighting and the last one is the task lighting. Which area do you spend most of your time? Consider adding lights directly on those spots. Having lights on the kitchen island or the sink will provide you with better view and insight.

You can consider having under the cabinet lights so your counters won’t be lacking of lighting. Mini pendants or pendant lights are great for kitchen island and the breakfast bar. Just make sure that you have planned everything carefully and thoroughly.

Poor Ventilation

Another common kitchen design mistakes is the poor ventilation, which can affect the comfort and also functionality of the kitchen. Good ventilation means that you won’t have to deal with unpleasant smell – not to mention that you will have a good flow of fresh air. You can install good ventilation system to prolong the kitchen appliances lifespan as well as keeping the kitchen clean. There are modern and inexpensive hoods that will circulate the stale and dirty air.

Not Consider the Recycling Options

The landfill is getting limited, and you don’t want to add waste to Mother Earth. That’s why, recycling can be a wise and an eco-friendly option. Install the recycling feature under the sink or anywhere close to the garbage area. Once you install this feature, you will find out that it can be super handy – and you can avoid making the common kitchen design mistakes in treating your waste.


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