brown big kitchen
brown big kitchen

Kitchen Design And Some of The Important Elements

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Kitchen is the crucial part of your home, so planning the right kitchen design should be included within your smart and careful preparation. No matter size your kitchen is, you want to create a comfy, functional, efficient, open, and homey room – a room that isn’t only dedicated for preparing the food, but also for social interaction, family bonding, and also personal time.

If you take a look at the concept of modern kitchen, you will see that they have mostly turned into a place where casual conversation take place, a place for entertaining friends, and a working spot (and play area for the kids) for adults, and even a place where business conversation or ideas are being discussed. The point is, the kitchen is the heart of the home. If you can create an appealing design, you can be sure that it will affect the overall effect and comfort of the house.

Color Ideas

One of the most important elements in the kitchen design is the color. Whether it’s the color of the room or the color of the cabinet, you want to make sure that you are making the right choice. When you have a big kitchen, it is easier to choose any color palette that you want. You can even combine colors, if you want to. It is rather difficult, however, if you have a small kitchen, because you need to be wise about the color pick.

brown big kitchen
brown big kitchen

Homeowners with big kitchen can always go with darker and elegant colors, such as dark wood, grey, and even black. However, you want to choose lighter colors for the small kitchen. Go with neutral colors, such as cream, white, or ivory. Feel free to use other light but bolder colors. Some homeowners may choose yellow kitchen with blue tints on the door and windows. Some even choose the lighter shade of orange to create an instant ‘wow’ effect. Be smart about the color arrangement and mix-and-match. You can also choose the combinations of several bright colors for the small kitchen but avoid darker hues.

Floor and Ceiling Elements

Most homeowners forget that the ceiling and the floor should be included in their kitchen design planning. These two elements can add style to the existing design. Moreover, they can create a bigger and more spacious effect for the small kitchen. Are you going with the tiles or the rugs? Do you prefer the sectional rugs or the full size type? Covering the floor with the right material and color can really style up the place in the simplest manner. If you are rather low on the budget, for instance, you can choose the rugs which would be inexpensive.

lighting fixtures for brown big kitchen
lighting fixtures for brown big kitchen

You can also decorate the ceiling. Adding colors or patterns to the ceiling can create a unique and different look. Not to mention if you can choose the right lighting fixtures that will compliment the whole look. A simple pendant lighting or a unique smaller chandelier version will make your kitchen look special.

In the end, the decision to style up the room or include the necessary items is up to you. Remember, simplicity is the key in creating stylish kitchen design plan.


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