kitchen dishwasher
kitchen dishwasher

Kitchen Cleaning Routine Tips You Must Follow

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Not many homeowners would have given a thought about the proper and necessary kitchen cleaning schedule. Yes, it may not be the most fun thing in the world, but you know that you need to do it. But do you know that there are some handy tips that can make regular (and daily) cleaning easier and even more fun?

The Simple but Effective Methods

You can try cooking with both empty sink and dishwasher. It may seem simple but it is highly effective to prevent you from postponing your cleaning work. In this way, once you are done cooking, you only need to load the utensils to the dishwasher and the sink. It will encourage you to clean them right away instead of leaving them just like that. If you wait for later, cleaning will seem like a burden.

kitchen dishwasher
kitchen dishwasher

Once you are done washing the dishes, don’t forget to wash the sink while you are at it. Washing the sink after the dishes feel more natural and easier – and it is nice to see your sink with smell good and clean result. Moreover, it is a one go process that won’t cause you extra burden, energy, and time. A lot of people, who do this, claim that it is such a relief to see that their sink isn’t filled with greasy gunk. And once you are used to it, the whole process will be easier – you will automatically clean the sink after washing the dishes.

Further Steps

You should also plan the monthly kitchen cleaning schedule to deal with the knives and cookware. It is common for homeowners to deal with rusty spots on the pans or the burnt stains on the pots. After sometimes, knives can be dull too or they may lose their shine. Before everything gets worse (and you may have to spend a whole day fixing it up), it is always a good idea to have a scheduled time for the cleaning – once a month. You won’t have to spend a long time with the work and your utensils will work perfectly.

clean kitchen tools
clean kitchen tools

Make sure that you have all the needed kitchen cleaning tools ready – within easy access and direct reach. It can be quite frustrating when you can’t find the needed cleaning stuff and yet you are already ready for the work. It can ruin the mood – and in the end, it is your kitchen that gets the negative effect. The most effective thing to do is to gather them together and then store them inside a cabinet or drawer. It can be under the sink or any underneath cabinets.

Another simple method is to minimize placing items on the countertops. It doesn’t mean that you can’t place anything on it, but try to minimize the numbers. If you can find other storage containers or compartments, it would be better. For instance, instead of keeping all of the jams or chocolate spreads on the counter, isn’t it better if you can store them elsewhere?

Minimizing the countertops will make it feel (and look) spacious. Not to mention that you don’t have to deal with fussy kitchen cleaning details that can hurt your time.


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