kitchen cabinet
kitchen cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions Standard Guide

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Do you know the standard kitchen cabinet dimension? A lot of homeowners prefer the custom cabinets, which mean that they don’t need to fiddle with these standard measurements. However, the regular (and even semi-custom) cabinets will need to address these basic guides. This guide isn’t written on stone so you don’t really have to follow it to the letter, but it doesn’t hurt to know some of the basic info and facts.

The Base Cabinets Importance

Keep in mind that base cabinets would be the basic of any kitchen design work. The base kitchen cabinets would be directly installed on the floor, and then counters will be laid on them. Moreover, the sink will be installed in them while dishwasher would be bracketed by them. It is safe to say that the base kitchen cabinets are the foundation of the work. That’s why they are quite expensive.

kitchen cabinet
kitchen cabinet

Although it is always possible not to have wall cabinets when building a kitchen, it would be impossible to manage such a thing without the base cabinets. It means that there won’t be any countertops. Here are the basic guidance for the kitchen cabinet dimension:

  • It should be 34.5 inches of height for the base cabinets without counters
  • It should be between 35 and 36 inches of height with counters
  • It should be 24 inches of depth without counters
  • It should be between 25 and 26 inches of depth with counters
  • It should be 12 or 18 or 24 or 30 or 33 or 36 or 48 inches of standard widths

Keep in mind that height is quite a flexible matter. If you want to add an underlay, you willl need to add around ½ inches to the overall height. For the depth, it depends on the users’ preference or how they are going to use the cabinets. For instance, the 30 inches of depth is perfect for a cabinet with single basin sink. The 12 or 18 or 24 inches of depth are good for pull-outs. The 33 inches of depth is good for the offset double basin sink while the 36 inches are perfect for the double basin sink.

The Wall Cabinets

These types of cabinets are generally used to store lightweight kitchen utensils or tools and also food. They are generally attached with the wall studs to the wall. The general kitchen cabinet dimension is:

  • 12 inches to 48 inches for the height
  • 12 inches to 24 inches for the depth
  • 12 inches to 36 inches for the width

The wall cabinets can be an appealing part of the kitchen because they will showcase the decorative element. The height, however, can be limited because they will be installed between the ceiling and the counter.

Tall Cabinets

Also known as the utility or pantry cabinets, this cabinet can be quite tall because it is designed to fit from your floor to the ceiling. The standard dimensions are:

  • 84 and 96 inches for the height
  • 12 and 24 inches for the depth
  • 12 to 36 inches for the width

Don’t rush things when you want to design the cabinets. Do your research and find out about the right (and also standard) kitchen cabinet dimension before starting the work.


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